January 12th.  The Wind N.E. calm, fair & freezing haveing freezed hard last night likewise; in the Evening it thawed gently, but freezed again this night. my people all this week are carrying much to Brynclynni; haveing done carrying the Dung by the Cow-house, they carry the Ashes that's by this house to Cae' [either this apostrophe is crossed out, or WB intended a hyphen between 'Cae' and 'pen' sw] pen yr âllt in. Brynclynni, the Ashes are so froze that my Servants are forced to break it with Pick-axes to fill the panniers; the frost is so terrible in ye highway that Carts cannot go that way; my Servants attempted this week to grub up Gors in the wet Meadows at Bodel- =wyn, but the Earth was so fast bound, that they might as soon enter a stone as come at the roots of them; and they satisfyed themselves (but not me) with Cutting them with ye Pick-ax close to the ground, imagining the frost will destroy the roots;whether it will, time will shew .
13th. The Wind N. blowing fresh & very cold, & freezing very fast; which it did all the rest of the day, a very great congre= -gation at LLanfechell Church, a great many of which had got a cold, & cough'd extreamly.
14th.  The Wind N.E. very fair & Sun-shiny & calm, & thawed in the Sun, but freezed all day in the Shade, my people at the same work of Carrying the Ashes in paniers to Brynclyni
15th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh & very cold & freezing hard all day.
16th.  The Wind E.N.E. blowing very hard &freezing extreamly but nothing to be compared to what it did the 28. 29.& 30th of last month, I have 4 Cars this week & the last carrying home Gors grubbed up last November, & this day & yesterday my people were winowing of Barley. they winnowed of pure Barley 18 Peggets & half.

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