July 1st.  as new gates, and manureing with Sand this Summer 30 yards of ground. which Mr. Wynne never did when he lived here, and this fellow been known to be poor when he came her last [alls?. sw] [All Saints? sw] tis to be presumed these great improvements are for his use & the Sister's at Hugh Wynn's expence. –
July 2d.  The Wind. W. Dark, cloudy & very cold in the morning with cold showers of rain, all the rest of the Day fair & pleasant. to day Cousin Henry Morgan sent me a young pointer, which I called. (in comm-emoration of the Day) Swittan [WB notes the feast day of St Barnabas on the correct day for England, June 11; St. Swithun's feast day is 15 July in England, but 2 July in Norway, according to Wikipedia. sw], gave the man 1s. that brought her.
July 3d.  The Wind. S W. some rain in the Morning very warm & fair weather all the rest of the day, spent 2d for ale.
4th  The Wind W. very fair & clear all day good hay harvest, spent 1s.6d for ale

5th.  ∣❍ 2  [this is written in the margin below '5th.' sw] 

The Wind N.W. a dull. dark day from morning to night. ye Sun not appearing in all that time. a pretty good flesh market at LLanfechell & Corn pretty high -

6th.  The Wind N W & by N. cloudy & dark in the Morning. the Evening very clear & fine hay harvest, spent 3 half pence for ale.
7th.  The Wind N. Dull & cloudy in the morning, the Evening fair, & hott Sun Shiny weather,

8th.  The Wind N. & N.E. a fine clear hot day, & brave hay harvest spent 3 half <pence> for ale in look<ing> at people a Quoting in Llanfechell. This day the parson begun to rebuild the old ruinous house by the Garden, which in Jones the late Parson's time was a kiln-house, and in the Terrier it is called the Curate's Chamber, the present Parson had an intention to carry the stones to the Anchorite's Garden Just by the Church-yard gate and build a House there with them, which undoubtedly would have been more to his & his Successours benefit every way but Covetousness (the inherent quality of all the Clergy) & –

☞ [this pointing hand symbol is in the margin, pointing at this line sw]dreading to lay out 30 or 40 Shillings which would have cost him more than it doth where it is now put off that well meant design, this Month likewise was built the new Cow house at Maes Mawr on the top of the hill betwixt the house and Bod-Lwyfan, as likewise a new house kiln by Melin Fechell. The last Month Mr. John Bulkeley begun to enclose Bychanan with a Stone Wall, & I likewise begun to make a wall betwixt Brynnie Duon & the high Way to LLannwrchmedd–

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