July 9th.  The Wind N. a Still clear day from Sun to Sun & very hot weather, the best hay harvest as has been known, sowed Turnip this day in the little garden
10th. wedn.  The Wind N. very still & clear from Sun to Sun, & excessive hot as early as 6 a clock in the morning, gathered the Red Currants in the Orchard to make Currant Wine. the Markett at LLanerchymedd [fill sw] something to what it was this day Senight. onely the Butchers meat in that great=greedy=gut place was very dear, Wm. Davies bought me a quarter of very small mutton for 15d.
11th.  The Wind S. Dark cloudy Weather all Day, but continued without raining till Night, makeing tollerable good weather in the hay -
12th. Fr.  The Wind S. Dark rainy weather all the Morning till 9 a clock.- then pretty dry, but still dark & misty till 3 in the afternoon, when it rained & blew high more or less all ye rest of the day, bought at LLanvechell markett a quarter of Mutton for 15d. of Shadrach Evans much larger & fatter than that I had from LLanerch y mwd [Nesta Evans has 'Llanerchymwd' sw] mawr.
13th.  The Wind. W. & sometimes S.W. Dark & cloudy in the Morning, yet dry, clear & Sun Shiny from 9 to 5, then overcast, & rain about 7 till night.
14th. S.  The Wind N.W. dark cloudy & some showers of rain in the morning, driveing clouds & threatening rain all the rest of the Day The Parson preached on Prov: 14th. Chap. vers. 2d.
15th.  The Wind SW. clear & fair in the morning. it rained in ye Evening 2 or 3 showers.
16th.  The Wind S & SW. it rained most part of the day & all night. spent 2s. 6d for Ale.
17th  The Wind S. it rained this day without intermission till far in ye Evening very great flouds every where in these parts. pd 2s for ale this day–
18th.  The Wind N. & by E. Dark, cloudy Weather all Day, yet without rain.

19th. Fr.  ∣8● [this is written immediately below 'Fr.' sw] 

The Wind N. a very hot clear day even early in the Morning. & so continued till 3 in the Evening when the Wind came to the S.W. & all of a sudden it became cold, very cloudy & dark, but did not rain this night. a pretty - good Markett to day at LLanvechell.

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