October 15th.  The Wind E.N.E. blowing very cold all day, but — generally dark & cloudy, my people at the same work as before of Sand carrying. Received a Letter to day from Mr. Bailey to ask my Vote at ye next Election which will be about a year & half hence .I writt him an Answer, but not a promise —
16th  The Wind E. calm, clear& fair all day, nothing else remarkeable.
17th.  The Wind E. with a very great hoar frost in ye morning & some frost on the Water, but made a very fair day from morn to night pd. 6d for Coat & Wastcoat Buttons.
18th.  The Wind E. a clear dry day but very cold, my head Plowman begun to day to fallow the wet ground in Ferem being now pretty dry. 
19th.  The Wind still E. & blowing fresh clear & fair, a plentifull full Market to day at LLanfechell, both Butcher's meat, grain & meal.
20th.  The Wind E. and a very great hoar frost this Morning, the Wind blew fresh from 10 till night & very cold, my people at the same work all these days in carrying Sand & fallowing

21st 10● [this is written in the margin below '21st' sw]

The Wind full E. blowing fresh and very cold, haveing freez'd pretty hard last night, and a very great hoar frost this morning; the Northern lights have appeared these 2 or three last nights darting beams of light from ye West to the East. No Sermon to day, tho one was due —–

22d.  The Wind E. blowing fresh & very cold, but sun-shiny fair & serene all day. I have people to day burning the small gorse & heath in Cae'r Mynŷdd yt had in a manner quite overrun it.
23d.  The Wind E. blowing fresh in the Morning & very cold, but – Sun-shiny & fair, the Evening calm & overcast with clouds & cold withall; received to day a very kind letter from Cos. William Parry of Dublin with a present of6 Neat'sTong[e sw]s. from whom I had not heard this 2 years, gave ye Messenger 1s. & to day I hired George Warmingham by or of his Father for 30s. till May, & gave his Father(to give him ) 6d. earnest. [there is a line under 'earnest' in a different pen or pencil sw]

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