Octr. 6th.  The Wind E. calm, fair, serene & dry all day, my servants at the same work of carrying Sand; & ye other labour- =ers at the same work in the Orchard . Pd. Wm. Talant 1L.17s.wch. with ye money I paid him before is Just 5L.
7th  The Wind E. calm & serene & very clear & fair with a very great hoar frost this Morning as it was yesterday morning The Parson [there is a line over the 'o' sw] preached on Ecclesiastes Chap.12th. vers. 1st.–
8th.  The Wind N. & by W. a fair, clear dry day & very calm, but cold, my people at the same work as before in carryingSand, the people in the Orchard are carrying off the Old hedge upon the new-trench'd piece of ground, that being a stubborn binding stiff Clay; & the soil of the Old hedge being a fat mould very loos & dry, they lay it on 7 or 8 Inches thick.
9th.  The Wind E. & by N. a calm, clear fair warm day in the morning, the Evening cold & overcast; pd. John Edwards of Pont Rhyd bont 1L. 12s. for breaking & Mouthing 2 fillies in his own home,& shooeing & Docking of them.

10th.  The Wind E. & by N. calm, dry & very fair, my people employed in carrying Sand & discharging a Sand Boat of 360 Bags ( what sand I had before not being enough to finish Rhôs y ferem, being 

☞ [this symbol is in the margin pointing at this line sw]

39 yards & 9 Perches in measure [I presume '39 yards' means 39 square yards, which, added to 9 perches gives 311¼ square yards, or approximately 1/15th of an acre – a perch is 5½ square yards or exactly 1/160th of an acre. sw], & laying it on at the rate of 90 bags to a yard [I suggest that this is a mistake: to dress one square yard of soil with 90 bags of sand they'd have to be very small bags or the sand would be laid on incredibly thickly and 360 bags would run to only 4 square yards.  I suggest WB means 9 bags per square yard, which is one per square foot; at that rate 360 bags would cover 40 square yards, or approximately 1/120th of an acre. sw]) 

11th.  The Wind E.& by N. calm, sun-shiny & very fair, my people employed this day in carrying Timber & Straw to Gaerwen for that house, Barn & Cowhouse . my farmer at Cnewchdernog is plowing the Pinfold there & Sowing therein  Red Wheat.
12th  The Wind E. very calm, & dark & cloudy in the Morning, the Evening clear & cold, the labourers in ye Orchard have done carrying ye old hedge on ye trenched ground, & finished likewise lopping ye Ash; & clearing the Orchard of them.
13th.  The Wind E. blowing high & very cold all day, my people all those days carrying Sand as before .
14th.  The Wind E. & by N. blowing fresh, cold& dry, it was past 12 a clock when the Parson begun to read Service at LLanvechell occasioned by his staying for a burying.

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