Sepr. 27th. The Wind variable, but chiefly in N.W. a dry fair day, but dark & cloudy, made a great rain on the fall of night for 2 hours. finished to day thatching all my corn.
28th.  The Wind E. & S. E generally dark & cloudy, sent Wm. Davies to day to receive the Pigs bought for Mr. Wright 35 in Number, & to pay for them, ( he haveing sent the money, all but 5[s sw]. I sent ) at LLanerchmedd,from whence they are to be sent to Red Wharf to be shipped for Liverpool, they were young midling Pigs, & cost me one with another about 13s.9d. Paid Shadrach Evans 13d. for a Side of WeatherGoat. & 1d. for Parsnips—
29th.  The Wind variable all this day, haveing rained I belive all last night. & ye ground very wet. continued dark [& sw] cloudy all day & very calm & Sultry. abundance of corn spoiled & wasted, Stacks haveing been in a great many places opened to the ground in LLanfaethly — LLanvoorog &c. my Corn (blessed be God) needed not that trouble & the great loss consequent upon it. my people digging upGors for Winter use.
30th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh, but cloudy & dark, made very little Sun-shine all day, but it dryed very well. The Parson all this last week kept within the house, & directed his Servants to tell he was gone from home, & did not come to Church on Michaelmas day to read service, as near as he was to it.
October ist.  The Wind E.S.E. blowing fresh & drying well, but very cloudy and dark, and continued so all day.
2d.  The Wind E.& by S. calm & cloudy but dry, to day I have people a demolishing the Old hedge betwixt the Orchard& the NewGarden & another a lopping large & small Arms of the Ash in ye borders of the Orchard to build up the Barn & Cow-house of Gaerwen– which are to serve for Rafters & Ribs of Cleder.
3d.  The Wind E. & by S. dark & cloudy all day& calm, my people these 3 last days are grubbing Gorse for Winter Use & others are carrying them, the same work in the Orchard as before .
4th.  The Wind E. very calm, clear, dry & serene all day, To Day my people begun to carry Sand on Rhôs y Ferem where they had left of last year in order to finish that field.
5th. ❍8 [this is written in the margin immediately below '5th.' sw]  The Wind N.E. Calm, clear & serene & a very great Dew this morning; my people at the same work as before both on the Farm & in ye Orchard a pretty large Market at LLanfechell, it being very fair  & dry —


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