October 24th.  this day changed the fine, dry, fair weather, for about 5 this morning it begun to rain hard, & brought the wind to S. W. made severall Showers of heavy rain afterwards my people to day (instead of carrying Sand) are carrying of rib- -timber of cleder to Gaerwen, & also carrying straw there, the other servants are still a fallowing the wet ground as before.
25th.  The Wind S.W. makeing heavy showers long before day, and almost all the Morning: the Evening fair till towards Sun set when it poured rain & hail accompanyed the Thunder and Lightning for near 4 hours, the rest of the night fair till 2 or 3 in the morning. a pretty full Fair of Cattle to day in LLan- -fechell, & a great many sold.
26th  The Wind S.S.W. and raining excessive hard from 3 in the Morning till 12 without any intermission; by which time all the low lands were in a manner covered with water, the— Evening Sun-shiny, fair and dry; pd. Mr. Owen LLoyd ye Land waiter [a 'land waiter' watched over the loading and unloading of boats from foreign ports sw] 13s. 6d. Duty on Coal discharged for me at Cemaes.
27th.  The Wind W. fair, clear & dry generally all day, my people still at ye Sand Carrying work, others of them are sowing Rye at Coydan ,
28th.  The Wind W. & by N. raining heavy showers before day, and till 8 in the Morning, then fair, but dark & cloudy & continued so without rain all ye rest of the day,& ye night very light & clear of clouds.
29th.   The Wind N.W. rained excessive hard about 7 in the Morning, was very fair afterwards, Set out about 10 for LLysdulas to see Brother Lewis who has been very bad of a pain in his Eye, came there about 12 when I found him in good health,& his Eye pretty well.
30th  The Wind E. cold & windy, walked with Bro: Lewis about ye fields till Dinner, & past the Evening & Night by the fire Side at Cards.

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