June 6th.  The Wind N. calm, cloudy & overcast most part of the day, & raining hard in the morning about 6, the rest of the day- was dry & warm .
7th.  The Wind N. for the most part, & a little at W. in the Evening,yet was hot & Sultry all this, gave is. [1/- sw] towards a poor man's raffling in LLanbadrig that lost his onely Cow.
8th.  The Wind variable all this day alsofrom N. to N.W. Sultry & hot enough with some sun shine, but generally cloudy & dark: bought of Rhys Bentir a quarter of Veal for 10d.
9th.  The Wind W. blowing fresh and cold all day, with some cold showers of rain & all the day was dark & cloudy:
i0th.  The Wind W. & by S . blowing moderate, yet very cold in the morning cloudy & dark; all the Evening was Sun shiny, fair & dry, but cold .
iith.  The Wind W. & by S. blowing fresh and cold with some rain in the – morning, & was generally cloudy & dark, but the Evening was much milder, yet far from the usuall warmth of June.
i2th.  The Wind S. W. blowing moderate, dark cloudy weather all day , but made little or no rain, & very little warm weather.
i3th.  The Wind S. W. blowing moderate, cloudy & dark weather almost all day, yet warm with some small showers of rain: pd. for a Chees Case(bought for me to day at LLanerchymedd Fair ) 5s. for a Milk strainer 8d. & 2d. for a turned Socket to be fastened on the Cover of the Churn to keep the Milk from flying about in the Churning of it.
i4th.  The Wind E. & by N. blowing very moderate in the morning & not cold, it blew fresh about 4 in the Evening & continued so the rest of the day & was cold & raining pretty hard, as it did all day more or less:- pd. Margarett Jones i0s for 12 yards & half of course flaxen cloath· & pd. Margaret uch huw Morus iid. for a quarter of Veal.
i5th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh & cold in the morning; from Noon to night it was warm & Sultry & very calm, but all the day was cloudy & dark: Pd. [N sw]an Michel iis. 8d. for i6 yards & half of course flax cloath. & pd. Harry Prichd. 4s. 6d. being the remainder of his winter's wages: This day also I pd. Mr. Thomas Price ’s bill, being nine pounds i9s. in full of all accounts· paid him likewise 3 Guineas for a Bull : in all 13L. 2s. 00d.

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