May 28th.  The Wind N. blowing moderate, generally Sun shiny but hot & Sultry all day, and a very great dew in the morning.
29th.  The Wind  N. calm, Sun shiny and very hot & Sultry all the morning; but the Evening was something cloudy & overcast·
30th.  The Wind S.S.W. blowing fresh. generally cloudy & overcast, yet it made no rain all this day.
3ist.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh and made some showers about sun rise and one afterwards about 5 in the morning; clear'd up about 7 and was generally Sun shiny and dry all the rest of the day : pd. 5s. to Morris – Thomas a LLeyn man for cleansing my two clocks, & bought of Rhys Bentir a quarter of Lamb for is. [1/- sw] & gave is. [1/- sw] for drink to the fellows that drove the sheep(I sold Thomas Owen of Cae Mawr ) to LLanddeusant.
June ist.  The Wind S. S.W. blowing high, cloudy and overcast; about ii it begun to rain & rained hard till 2 in the Evening; the rest of the day was dry but very windy: pd. Andrew Mc. Harraw & John Jemmys two scotch Pedlars  6 pounds iis. for things bought of them, ^above^ two — thirds of which were for Ann Wright: pd. likewise to William Prichard Parry 2s. 6d. for 5 days work in blasting stones in Cae'r Odyn Galch in Bodelwyn which hindered the plow, some of which were of the white — Marble kind called comonly [there is a curlicue over the 'm' sw] Gwenithfaen & prodigious hard, and also very large, one of them being at least i0 Cart loads·
2d.   Whitsunday [this is written in the margin opposite this entry sw] The Wind S. & by E. blowing moderate, cloudy & overcast; made a great many showers of rain in the Evening & some heavy ones, but of no long continuance: About i00 persons communicated here to day,and the Priest preached on Mat; Chap: 5th. & 23, & 24th. verses.
3d.  The Wind S. blowing very fresh &for the most part cloudy & overcast made to day a great many showers of heavy rain both in the morning and in the Evening .
4th.  The Wind S. blowing high & cold for the season but generally Sun – shiny & dry all this day: gave is. [1/- sw] to apoor man of this parish that- suffered loss by cattle, & pd. 3d. for ale: Set Tyddyn y Gors for ye term of 5 years to John Prichd. Ambrose at ye rent of 30s. & ye usuall presents & services, &to be at liberty to part before that term provided he gets another in his stead.
5th.  [3 sw] ❍ [this is written vertically below '5th.' sw] The Wind S. blowing very moderate, generally Sun Shiny, but all this day was dry, hot and sultry.

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