July i5th.  The Wind S. W. blowing very moderate, cloudy & dark all the morning, but the Evening Sun Shiny fair and pleasant & dry all day: Pd. 7s. 5d. for part of trimings [there is a line over the 'mi' sw] to a _ Coat & Waistcoat; & paid Owen Thomas the Smith's Bill– being 4s. 6d.
i6th.  The Wind S.W. calm, cloudy & dark till 9. Sun Shiny, fair & warm from that time till 3 in the Evening when it was over- – cast, but made no rain  .
i7th.  The Wind  N.E. blowing moderate, but brought down a great shower of Sleet and hail in the morning about 5,but as it blew fresh afterwards, and a succession of hot Sun in the Evening, it made a very good day in the hay : The people that went to bring Ann Wright to Chester returned this Evening, haveing expended in the Journey and with what was laid out there for her use the Sum [there is a flourished line over the 'm' sw] of Twelve pounds five shillings & Seaven pence halfpeny gave the boy is. [1/- sw] that brought home the mare from Ynys C[n sw]ud ·
i8th.  The Wind N.W. blowing moderate, cloudy & overcast till 9 in– the morning, & all the rest of the day was Sun Shiny fair & dry.
i9th.  The Wind N. W. calm, cloudy till 9; and all the rest of the day was Sun shiny and very hot & sultry: This Day my people were dischargeing Coal from Wm. Griffith ’s Sloop, & by the help of my Neighbours I carryed it all home by 6.a'clock, being i0 Tuns. pd. Marged uch Huw Morus 2s. for a quarter of Mutton, [there is a dot over the 'M' sw] a quarter- of Veal & a calve's head; bought also of Rhys Bentir a quarter of Veal & the head for i5d. & paid 2d. for Ale.
20th.  1 ● [this is written vertically below '20th.' sw] The Wind S. blowing fresh , Sun shiny fair and warm all the morning; grew cloudy and overcast about noon, & continued so for the rest of the day, yet it made but very little rain : My people all this week but yesterday , in the hay, & they got some into big Cocks, Pd 5s composition money for Malt for one quarter from Midsu[m sw]er [Nesta Evans gives 'Midsummer' sw]to Michaelmas & made an Entry accord ingly pursuant to a new regulation ·
2ist.  The Wind S.W. calm, cloudy & dark in the morning; about noon it begun to rain & rained heavily till i: & made severall small showers afterwards before night· 
22d.  The Wind S. S.W. blowing fresh & raining exceeding hard about 5 in ye morning, & some showers afterwards till 8; Sun shiny & dry from that time till 4 when it rain'd again.
23d.  The Wind S. W. blowing moderate & raining hard in the morning till near 9, and afterwards very hard about 3: gave [I sw].O. is. [1/- sw] for setting the Clock, 4s. 6d. to [W sw]. Wms. for makeing a coat & Waistcoat & 2s.6d. Charity toward Apprenticing a poor boy ·

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