May 5th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, cloudy &dark weather with some rain in the Evening: The Priest preached on 2:Pet . Chap:3d. verse i8th. Paid Harry Prichard i5s. of his Winter's wages.
6th. ❍ 3 [this is written vertically below '6th.' sw] T[he sw]. Wind E.calm, sun shiny, fair  & pleasant all this day: gave 6d. to the servants that stood with my Cattle at the Fair at LLanerchymedd to day till they were sold & the drover took delivery of them.
7th  The Wind  S. in the morning, blowing fresh & cloudy, about noon it came to N. E. blew fresh and rained hard till almost night, Pd. 6d. for Ale to day at Cemaes·
8th.  The Wind E. N. E. blowing very moderate, sun shiny, fair & warm all day, and very good growing weather, but imoderately wet. after – the late rain · pd. Lewis Wms. 2L. 2s. of his Winter's wages·
9th.  The Wind E. blowing moderate, Sun shiny fair & dry & moderately warm weather & growing well ·
i0th.  The Wind N. W. blowing moderate, Sun shiny fair & dry & very plea- sant all this day: pd. Marget uc'h Huw Morus i5d. for a Side of Lamb & a calf's head.
iith.  The Wind W. & by S. blowing moderate and generally Sun Shiny & pretty– warm: My people this week were hedging and digging the Pottatoe ground.
i2th.  The Wind S. W. blowing moderate, cloudy & dark weather all yemorning with some rain about i0; the Evening was dry & some sun shine: To Day — Wm. Thomas a servant in this house was marryed to Mary Thomas Daughter of Thomas Jones the Shoe-maker, being the first Couple marryed in this parish since the comencement of the Act for preventing Clandestine Marriages· Pd. Thomas Jones the Cow Man 35s. in full of his wages for last winter·
13th.  The Wind S. W. blowing moderate, was generally cloudy &dark & made one smart shower of rain, but warm & pleasant all day.
14th.  The Wind S. W. blowing high all day,but not cold, cloudy and dark, yet made little or no rain to speak of, but the wind was moist& dewy .
i5th.  The Wind S. blowing high, cloudy, dark moaky weather with a sort of wet fog or mist, but made no rain.
i6th.  The Wind S.W. blowing moderate, cloudy, dark & smoaky weather all the morning, cleared up a little in the Evening, but no Sunappeared.
17th.  The Wind S.W. blowing very and generally Sun shiny & fair. but cold,& made no rain dureing all this day: pd. is. [1/- sw] for a kid, & for fish .
i8th.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh, & generally Sun Shiny & fair, but cold for the time of the year: My people employed all this week in hedging & digging Gorse for fireing.

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