January 26th.  The Wind W. S. W· blowing moderate yet cold, raw & chilly weather & generally cloudy & dark, and dry all this day.
27th.  The Wind W. & by S. calm, sun shiny, fair & pleasant all ye morning the Evening cloudy & overcast but continued dry all this day also
28th.  The Wind S.W. blowing moderate, very dark, close cloudy weather all day, cold and chilly but made no rain.
29th.  The Wind S.W. and blowing moderate, very dark, cloudy weather all this day likewise and continued all day without raining.
30th.  The Wind S. S. W. blowing moderate, dark cloudy weather almost all day, but made no rain; Paid Rhŷs Bentir is. [1/- sw] for a quarter of Mutton bought of him this day fortnight, & 2s. for a Side of Mutton bought of him to day; Pd. likewise to John Thomas of Geifron 6s. i0d.2/1 for Rye straw.

3ist.   0 ● [this is written vertically in the margin below '3ist.' sw]  

The Wind S. blowing moderate, clear, fair & pleasant, and for the most part Sun shiny from 8 in the morning till in the – Evening, the rest of the day was cloudy & overcast; it rained very hard in the morning from 6 till 8 . Pd. 7d. for fish . 

February ist.  The Wind E. blowing moderate & not very cold, cloudy & dark weather almost all this day & made little if any rain.
2d.  The Wind S. blowing moderate, dark & cloudy weather with some showers about noon: Paid Robert ifan 6L. 8s. being his year's wages in full: & pd. him what he laid out for straw to the Cow house i7s. 9d. for ropes to bind the thatch i2s. 6d. for Sieves 2s. 8d. for two- Pack Saddles 2s. 6d. & i0s. 6d. sallary he paid Owen Roberts, in all 2L. 5s. iid.
3d.  The Wind S.S·W. blowing fresh, cloudy, dark and exceeding cold and raw weather all day, especially in the Evening, but made no rain.
4th.  The Wind S.S.W. blowing very fresh & exceeding cold all day; made a little Sun shine about ii, & some rain in the Evening and night: Paid Owen Hughes's bill for Smith's work being iL. 2s. in full to this day.
5th.  The Wind S.W. blowing fresh & cold, but Sun shiny & clear till noon, the Evening was cloudy & overcast, but made no rain .
6th.  The Wind S. blowing high & stormy, cloudy & dark with a mizling rain: This Day being appointed by Authority to be kept a generall fast to humble ourselves before God & repent of our Sins (from the extraordinary late visitation of God upon Lisbon in Portugal which was almost destroyed by Earthquakes ) the same was here observed, & the Priest preached on Luke Chap: i3th. verses 2d. & 3d. Paid Rhŷs is. [1/- sw] for a quarter of M[? sw] & Marged ’chuw Morus is. [1/- sw] for a quarter of Veal .

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