July 2d.  The Wind S.W. and blowing very high & stormy with very heavy cold rain, which begun long before day & lasted till 3 in the Evening without intermission, no rain from that time till night, but dark, cold & stormy wind —
3d.  The Wind W.S.W. blowing moderate, & a warm day, rained very hard about 5 in the Morning, the rest of the day fair and pleasant, all my Servants to day working at the Stone Wall – at the fall of night it began to rain again, & rained hard I believe all night.
4th.  The Wind N. & N.N.E. a fair & warm day, but very Wet, still working at the stone wall, in the Evening opened some hay-cocks that were very wet, and raked some hay- pd. 1d2/1 for fish
5th.  The Wind N.E. Dry, fair & pleasant Weather, & moderately warm raking hay all this day & making some into big Cocks, my upland hay very thin this year haveing not half what I had last year in some fields.
6th.  The Wind N.E. fair & pleasant & moderately warm, the Parson preached to day on Eph. Ch. 5th. vers. 30th. a Sermon in my thinking dull, insipid, & full of Popish Superstition. the wind came before night to WNW. & rained a sharp shower at the fall of night.
7th.  The Wind S. and S.W. a great dew & mist in the Morning, cleared up & was fair & warm, & the wind pretty high & Sultry till 7 in the Evening, then cold & the sky overcast, pd. a Scotch Pedlar 5s. 6d for 2 yard & half a quarter ['quar' of 'quarter' is underlined in a different pen, or pencil sw] of Cambrick to make me 6 neck cloaths, today I finished getting in all my upland hay into big Cocks, lent [this word underlined in a different pen, or pencil sw] Richd LLoyd of Tyddŷn y Fronwen 1s. to buy Tobacco, & at the Same time did promise to give him(on next St. Stephen's day) 2 pound weight of Tobacco if till then he Will let his beard grow, without either – shaving, clipping or otherwise diminishing it, which if he should do he is to pay <instead of> the Shilling, two shillings.
8th.  The Wind N.W. a very cold, blustering windy Day, raked some hay in the Morning, carrying Stones the rest of the day. pd. Richd Owen 4d for 2 Lobsters - rained a little on ye fall of Night –

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