July the 9th.  The Wind N.N.W. high cloudy and 1.● [this is written in the margin, with the '1.' opposite this line sw] very cold in the Morning, turned to W. & S. W in the Evening, & was clear weather, fair & warm, the Market at LLanerch-ymedd [there is a line over the 'n' sw] rather higher that last week, the horse fair good for nothing -
10th.  The Wind S. W in the Morning & raining frequent Showers till 3 in the Evening when ye Wind came to N.W. fair & dry all ye rest of the Day, my Servants dug & carried stones & worked the Stone wall all this day- pd 2d for Packthread
11th.  The Wind W. Fair & clear in the Morning, but cold, in ye Evening it came to S. blew high & darkened; very cold by night, raked hay all this day. a full Market to day at LLanfechell.
12th.  The Wind S.S.W. raining very hard before day & this Morning till 7. dry all ye rest of the day but very Windy & cold my Servants working the stone wall all this day. at the fall of Night it made a great storm of Wind & rain & continued so all, or most part of the Night.  This Day Died Elizabeth Lloyd at LLanerch=medd(where she had lived for severall years ) at the age of 105 years, goeing about the Streets, & in perfect Senses & understanding to the last, she was born in Trefdraeth parish-
13th.  The Wind W.S.W. high Winds & stormy rainy weather till 7 in ye Morning when it left of raining. & the Wind ceased till 3 in the Evening, when<from> which time to 8 or 9 at Night it rained (with very little intermission ) all the while.
14th.  The Wind S W. fair & dry early in the Morning, about 6 it made showers till 8. fair & windy all the rest of ye Day raked some hay in the Evening - rained again(I believe) before day. 
15th.  The Wind E.N.E. in ye Morning, S W. before night, & very still all the day, with almost continuall showers of mizling rain accompanied with with a thick stinking fog, the fields & high ways very wet, my Servant all this day with the Stones
16th.  The wind varying all ye Morning, & rained severall showers before 9 but from 9 to 12 a very heavy continuall rain: Severall showers again the Market at LLanerchymedd higher a great deal that last week, pd 1s. at Llanerch-medd.

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