4 ❍ [this is written in the margin opposite this entry sw] 

 March 4th.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh & pretty cold, cloudy & dark with some showers about noon, almost all the Evening was rainy and generally very hard; Delivered to Katherine Wms. Cousin Humphrey Mostyn's wife 25s. to buy me some things at Liverpoole . gave the Priest & Sexton 6d. apiece at ye burying of Wm. Warmingha [there is a line over the last 'a' sw]

5th  The Wind W. blowing fresh all day till 4 in the Evening when it grew very calm, all the day had intervals of Sun Shine & clouds: My people all this week were spreading the Mole hills & scattering Cattle's Dung on the Grass & hay fields, and these 2 last days they were fencing the hedges of Cae'r Iarlles in Brynclynni to have it for a Pinfold next Sumer [there is a curly line over the 'm' sw].
6th.  The Wind W. with a mizling rain about 8 in the morning, afterwards sun shiny and dry and blowing fresh and cold all day; about 5 in the Evening it brought down a heavy shower of hail which brought the wind to N. where it continues still.
7th.  The Wind N. blowing fresh, haveing brought down a great deal of hail about 7 in the morning ; the rest of the day was dry & sometimes sun shiny, the night calm, starry & very fair & freezing about 10,and much hoar frost had fallen.
8th.  The Wind S.S.W. & blowing fresh and bringing down a cold sleet in abundance from 5 in the morning till near 10; the rest of the day was dry. but cold & raw & the ground very wet: Pd. Thomas Bryan 2L. 2s. [o sw]f his Note, & pd. Abraham Jones his full notebeing 2 pounds 6 shillings.
9th.  The Wind E. not high; yet very cold & raw, haveing freezed pretty hard last night, all this day was dry with some sun shine, & oftener cloudy: My people finished to day rough harrowing the fresh cut ground in Coydan Park: pd. 9d. for 3 pints of Tar.
10th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh and cold all the morning, & rained from 9 in the morning till noon, & my people were forced to leave of harr- -owing for Oats(which I begun to day ) the Evening was generally dry and the wind allayed before night, about 9 at night it rained for half an hour excessive hard: Delivered Gabriel Jones 10s. 6d. to buy me Clover Seeds in Wrexham Fair, pd. 9d. for 2 ounces of Onion Seeds, & gave him 2s. 6d. to buy me 3 ounces of Æthiops Minerall [æthiops mineral is a form cinnabar, also known as metacinnabarit; cinnabar is mercury sulphide sw].
iith.  The Wind N. W. and moderate, but cold and chilly all day, yet con- – tinued dry, but the ground is very wet after the late rains, tho it dryed well all this day.
12th.  The Wind N.E. blowing fresh, and very cold, raw weather, it made a great deal of rain sometime before day, but nothing after day light, but some small showers of hail about 5 in the Evening: My people all these days were scattering mole hills upon hay and Grass grounds, & scattering the Dung of Cattle upon such grounds & beating it to pieces.

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