March i3th.  The Wind N.E. blowing high & very cold , cloudy and dark generally all day, yet made no rains : The Priest preached on i: Thess: Chap: 5th. verses. 6. & part of ye Seaventh.
14th.  The Wind N.E. blowing high and exceeding cold all day, about Sun set it brought down a small shower of hail, but of no long continuance To Day I plant the large Russia Potatoes in Rills as usuall.
15th.  The Wind E & by N. blowing fresh & exceeding cold all day— haveing freezed pretty hard last night, & made severall small showers of hail morning & Evening.
16th.  The Wind E. & by N. blowing fresh and very cold with frost on the water this morning, and made severall showers of hail—– but of no long continuance; finished to day harrowing my Small Oats, & begun to harrow the Great Oats.
17th.  The Wind E. N. E. blowing fresh and very sharp cold weather all day, but the wind was quite allayed about 5 inye Evening. 

18th.   8 ● [this is written in the margin below '18th.' sw]  

The Wind E. & by N. blowing fresh and cold, but not so high, nor so cold as yesterday, brought down a good deal of hail this morning about 8, but was soon melted, some sun shine about Eleven a clock, but soon interrupted with dark clouds.

19th.  The Wind N.E. and moderate, yet very cold & raw all day, and generally cloudy & dark, my people all thesedays were harrowing Great Oats and Pease.
20th.  The Wind N. E. and moderate and not so cold as the last weeks, and made Some Sun shine: LLanbadrick Wakes was kept to day soberly & quietly without Foot Ball playing – that sport or Excercise being kept on the proper Day Viz ye 17th.
21st.  The Wind N. E. in the morning and moderate, with some Sun —– shine, it came in the Evening to N. & was settled at N.W. before night, I Prevailed upon Hugh Roberts(that was left Execu –tor in Mr. Richd. Wm. of Carrog's Will )to make up matters with the Children of Owen Warmingham, he renouncing all claims a title to the Sd. Will , & Suffering Edward Warm –ingham & his Sisters to take out Administration of Mr W[ms sw] Effects, in consideration of the Administrators paying to Hugh Roberts 20 pounds, & 20 pounds to Wm Roberts a Legatee in theSd. Will, he likewise satisfying himself with that Sum [there is a line about the 'm' sw] instead of 50 pound left him & his Sister between them

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