February 26th.  The Wind S. W. blowing high all day & cold in the Evening, it was generally Sun Shiny & drying well,yet made some little rain in the Evening.
27th.  The Wind W. in the morning; came to N.W. about noon, and blew very high and stormy all day,and was moreover extream cold, especially in the Evening: about noon it brought down severall showers of hail, and one that was very heavy: all the night was extraordinary stormy & almost hailing continually.
28th.  The Wind variable, from N.W. to N. & to N. E. & back again to N. and settled at last in N.W. All the day it blew high and stormy with frequent showers of hail, so that all the ground was covered with it, & it continued unmelted till near noon, & the wind was much abated by 7 at night.
March ist.  The Wind W. & by N.blowing fresh, but not cold, and it was generally cloudy & dark, but made no rain all this day: Owen Jones of Peibron made me a present this day of a Turtle; drove on shore n the great storm of the 27th.past; it was alive when he first ^found^ it, & lived a piece of that day; there was none ever seen upon the Coasts of England before as I could learn, but they are very comon [there is a line over the 'm' sw] in the West Indies, & some people guessed it might come from a Ship that perished in that great storm. I had the guts taken out which were near as large as those of a Cow– had a prodigious quantity of blood, and when washed clean, I had a great quantity of the flesh cut out of it, & dressed like Beef steaks & some of it I had stewed & it eat very like Beef; it had a bladder as large as a Sheep's — what flesh remained within the shell I had it well salted & hung in the Air &Sun to dry;
2d.  The Wind W. blowing very moderate, yet cold & raw weather, but dry all this day, it was moreover cloudy and dark ·
3d.  The Wind W. blowing very moderate, it was generally Sunshiny, but all the day was very warm and pleasant weather; We dined to day – upon the Turtle, part of it was broiled at the fire, & part wasStewed_ all of it eat well enough, not much unlike to tender beef steaks, but I think the broiled pieces was best : Pd. 1d. for Nails. & !s. for a Side & the head of a lamb.
4th.  The Wind W. calm, cloudy and dark weather all day,and not cold; The Priest preached on Luke Chap · 16th. verses. ist.&2d. 
5th.  The Wind S.W. blowing very moderate & not cold, yet cloudy & dark, but continued dry all day: Paid Ifan Pyrs 12s. for catching 20 Dosen & 8 Moles. at the rate of 7d. a Dosen ·

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