December 22d.  The Wind S.W. very moderate, Sun shiny fair and warm all day: Paid Wm. Griffith one of the Church wardens of LLanfechell 7s. i0d. Church mise for the lands in my holding in this parish.
23d. ❍5 [this is written in the margin underneath '23d.' sw] The Wind S. S. W. blowing high and cold, yet made no – great matter of rain all this day: A very full flesh market to day at LLanfechell, and all bought off early in the — Evening: Gave 1s. to be sent to the poor Cripple woman of Milldy:
24th.  The Wind S.W. blowing fresh & cold with some sharp show -ers of rain in the morning, and some small ones in the Evening; All the day was cloudy & dark: This being the day that I distributed Corn to all poor in generall that came for it, & flesh to some of the old & infirm poor, to them also I gave alms in money besides; Such as Alice Thomas Barnabas of Rhosbeirio, Jane uch ifan of LLanfairyng– –hornwy but formerly of this parish, Margaret uch Richd. of this parish, Jane David of this parish each of themis. [1/- sw] &to Hugh ap Wm. Pugh liveing now at Ynŷs yr Hwch – ground 6d. I likewise intended to give Ann Rolant & Lili uch Robert Lewis both of this parish is. [1/- sw] each if I had seen them, but in the name of God I will send it to them .
25th.  The Wind W.S.W. and raining very hard about 6 in ye morning, the rest of the day was dry, & often Sun shiny, but it rained again about 6 at night·
26th. Jan. [this is written in the margin below '26th.' sw] The Wind S. and moderate & not cold, but cloudy & dark yet made no rain all day ; but on the fall of night it begun to rain, and made severall very heavy showers from that time till ii when I went to bed: gave 6d. to the Post boy of LLerchmedd.
27th. Feb: [this is written in the margin below '27th.' sw) The Wind S, moderate & warm with a mizling rain abt. 9 in the morning & all the day was cloudy & dark, but made no more rain: gave 2d. betwixt Grace & Ann Wright to play Cards
28th. March. [this is written in the margin below '28th.' sw] The Wind E. & by S. blowing fresh & cold, but with someSun shine,and dry all day: gave the ferryman of Porthaethwy 6d.

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