Apr. [this is written in the margin opposite this entry sw] December 29th.  The Wind E & by S. very moderate, but cold, & raw, cloudy & overcast all day, but brought nothing down of neither rain nor Snow: gave Bangor Post Boy 6d. & gave the Ferry men of Moel y Don 6d.
30th. May· [this is written in the margin below '30th.' sw] The Wind E. S. E. very calm, cloudy & dark & not very cold,– made some little rain about noon, but on the fall of night, and till 9 it rained a great deal and very heavy: gave the ferryman of Tal y foel 6d. Distributed more money to LLanbadrick poor, as 2s to – Catherine Owen of Clegyrog a poor widdow with a great many children; 2s. to Rowland Owen of Carreg lefn a Sick bed rid man ·
3ist. June [this is written in the margin below '3ist.' sw]The Wind S. & by E· moderately calm, dark &overcast with a mizling smoaky rain all the morning; about noon I set out for LLysdulas to visit Mr Lewis, came to LLysdulas by Dinner time, & spent the Evening very agreeable: about ii this night it made prodigious heavy rain which continued almost till day.
January ist. July. [this is written in the margin below 'January ist.' sw] The Wind E. very moderate and warm & continued dry all this day, but cloudy & overcast almost altogether.
2d.  August. [this is written in the margin below '2d.' sw] The Wind E. in the morning, about noon it cameto S. and rained all the Evening and great part of the night very hard: Sat up this night and till 2 in the morning & drank very hard.
3d.  September. [this is written in the margin below '3d.' sw] The Wind S. & moderate very warm & moist Air & generally dark, hazy weather & overcast . Two days ago one of the Paquet Boats carryed over from Holy head 17 Mails & an Express, the Wind keeping themfrom Sailing for almost 6 weeks and the Ships besides being old and crazy .
4th October. [this is written in the margin below '4th' sw] The Wind S. blowing high & stormy early in the morning & before day, accompanyed with heavy showers of rain; all the day afterwards was dark close hazy weather & often with mizling rains .
5th. November. [this is written in the margin below '5th.' sw] The Wind  S. blowing fresh, dark hazy weather with frequent showers of mizling rain morning & Evening. About 12 I took my leave of thefamily at LLysdulas haveing left in the house among the Servants 7s. 6d. and came home by three, the roads being excessive deep & dirty .
6th. December. [this is written in the margin below '6th.' sw] The Wind S. blowing high & raining in the morning early ; the rest of the day was Sun shiny, fair & pleasant and dry to the last: Past this day as I do every year in entertaining my Neighbours & sat up till near 12 ·
7th. ●7 [this is written vertically immediately below '7th.' sw) The Wind S. W. blowing fresh & not cold, sun shiny & fair all the Morning ; about noon it grew cloudy & overcast & the wind blew— cold & raw, & continued so the rest of the day & a great part at least of the night: Pd. 2s. for repairing the stable of Bodlwyfan, gave 1s. to a raffle, & paid 1s. iid.2/1 Shire hall tax for my lands in my holding in LLanfechell parish.

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