January 8th.  The Wind S.W. very moderate,but cold & raw – weather all day, yet often Sun shiny, about 7 at night it begun to blow fresh and rained very hard about 8: The Priest preached on Heb: Chap: 2d. vers i6th. gave Cousin Owen Wms. theGlazier's Boy 6d.
9th.  The Wind S. and moderate,raining very hard this morning about 3 a clock, as it did afterwards about 2 in the Evening; gave Richd. Evans a Harper from Pwllhely that played here these 3 last days 2s. Sent Mrs. Parry of Dublin's Rent to her this day by Ann Warm –ingham to pay them to Mr. Wm. Morris at Holy head who is to trans –mit them over to Dublin for her·
i0th.  The Wind S. blowing high before day & raining hard,from Sun to Sun very moderate & dry except about 2 in the Evening it rained hard again, the Night was Stormy, but without any rain till i0 at least·
iith.  The Wind S.W. blowing fresh & raining early in the morning be– fore day, the rest of the day was dry till towards the fall of night it rained again: Sent 8s. 4d. to buy 5 three 6 penny Stamps to LLan - erchymedd to write upon them the inde[m sw]nifications that[? sw] my Mother is to tender her perfidious Tenants in LLeyn who have been served with Declarations in Ejectmt. [there is a wavy line under 'clarations in Ejectmt' sw] by LLoyd the Irishman,that in case they should not give her power to appear for them, she may upon motion to the Court(& an Affidavit of such indemnifications being offered them ) be admitted to take the defense upon herself. — Pd. 4s. for flannen [flannel sw] for to make peticoats for Ann Wright.
12th.  The Wind S.S.W. very moderate and warm all day; rained very hard about 3 in the morning, and made severall heavy show– –ers afterwards dureing the day: I can't remember ever to have seen the Earth so wet; tho it was made no floods nor extraordinary heavy rains this year. but raining almost continually every — day Since Michaelmas with little intermission,& no Easterly — Winds nor frosts,has so thoroughly soaked the Earth that there is very few low grounds can be walked on dry; the bank before this house— being as wet & as plashy as low marshes: Pd. John Ifan my Gardiner 10s. of his years wages which will be up next Candlemas·
13th.  The Wind W. blowing fresh, but not cold, and dry all this day;pd. Shadrach the Butcher's wife 20d. for a side of Veal: Delivered to Wm. Peters 42 shillings to buy me 6 Tons of Co^a^l at a place called Runcorn on Warrington River.

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