January 14th.  The Wind S. SW. moderate & warm, raining hard about 5 in the morning, the rest of the day dry and generally Sun Shiny & pleasant. To Day I bent down & interwove the tops & other branches of the Beech that composed my New zArbour in order to make it a thick covert, dark & Shady: My people all this– week are fallowing for Barley at Coydan Park·
15th.  The Wind S. and raining very hard from 3 in the morning till near day and the wind at that time very still & calm , before 8 a clock it begun to blow very fresh and rained from that time incessantly & without intermission & generally – very hard till near i in the Evening, Some intermission after– –wards, but made severall heavy showers before night, and a great deal of rain in the night accompanyed with Thunder& Lightning betwixt 9 & 10. Gave 5s. Christmas Boxto Roger the Sexton, & gave 6d. Charity to Owen Parry of LLanddaniel a Son of Harry ab Sion Ednyfed of this parish.
i6th.  The Wind S in the morning and blowing high accompanyed with frequent showers of rain; About noon it came to W and blew higher & more stormy and was very cold all the Evening with some Showers of Sleet, before night the Wind came to N – and blew very hard and stormy all night: Was employed all this day in writing Deeds of indemnification to be executed by my Mother which are to be offered to her Tenants in LLeyn on consideration of their signing a proper Authority to impower An Attorney in ye Excheqr. to appear to & to defend the Action in Ejectment brought against them by LLoyd the Irishman which if they refuse to do My Mother as Landlady may be the statute of the iith. of this King be admitted to take upon her self the defense.
17th.  The Wind W. blowing fresh all the morning, but Sun shiny fair & war [there is a line over the 'r' sw] the Evening and night was calm and pleasant and did not rain all this day: sent William Davies with the indemnifications to Mr. William Prichard of Carnarvon to be sent to LLeyn by his son to be offered to the Tenants in consideration of their consenting to appear to the Ejectmts. sent by him 3 pounds to buy me Drab to make me a Coat, pd — 4s. 8d.2/1 aside of Pork at 1d.4/1 a pound: Pd. Mary Jones 10d. for 5 days sewing work.

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