* [there is a star, or the symbol of a small tree, in the margin opposite this entry sw] January18th.  The Wind E. very calm, sun shiny fair & pleasant all day: Planted to day an Eugh [Yew sw] Tree in the walk on the North side of the Wall Garden instead of a Fir Tree that had failed there: A very great Circle about the moon this night it being very calm.
19th.  The Wind S. and very moderate, raining almost incessantly from Sun to Sun, the Night was dry and moderately light: Allowed Mr. Tho. Morris 10s. 8d. land tax & pd. him 10s. for repairs he had done in a Cow house at Rhydgroes.
20th.  The Wind W. & by N. blowing high ,stormy & tempestuous from 12 at night till near 8 this night & raining hard frommidnight till day with some showers of Sleet afterwards both morning & Evening : the wind was something allayed about 8 at night — tho it blew fresh all night.
21st.  The Wind from W. blowing high very stormy and tempestuous long before day, and all this day and night and rained excessive hard for severall hours beforeday and madesome small show –ers in the day: My people when the weather permitted were – fallowing at Coydan Park, but some days this week they could not stir from about the house.
22d.  The Wind W. & by N. blowing high and stormy all day with very little Sun shine yet continued dry till about 8 at night it brought down – severall heavy showers of Sleet, and from that time it blew a rank – storm all the rest of the night: The Priest preached on Prov. chap: 22d. vers. 6th.
23d.  0❍ [this is written in the margin underneath '23d.' sw] The Wind N. & by W. blowing an[d sw]exceeding great storm and very - tempestuous all this day with some showers of sleet in the morning – it threw down another of my Fir Trees in the walk next the South – I have had it set upright again, but whether it will grow or no, time – onely will shew, the Wind continued to blow high stormy & tempestuous all the Evening and all the night. Holt's wife was here to day, stayed about half an hour & went as far as the Village where she lay all night.
24th.  The Wind N.W. blowing fresh and very cold all the morning; was much allayed in the Evening, and very calm in the night: Paid to one Jemison a Scotch Pedlar 2s. 6d. for a pair of stockins for my self, 18d for a pair of stockins for Ann Wright, 7s. 6d. for 5 yards of Cloath 1s. 3d. for [2 sw]/1 yard of Cambrick and 5s. 6d. for two Lustring Silk [a glossy silk cloth sw] Handkerchiefs all for Ann Wright. gave Alice Jones 6d. to buy Beesoms at the Fair

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