December i6th.  The wind came to W. about 4 in the morning when it blew a great tempest accompanyed with prodigious showers of rain or sleet from that time till near i0; all the rest of the day it blew high – with frequent showers of rain, but about 5 in the Evening it begun to blow excessive high, stormy & tempest - –uous accompanyed with showers of rain & Sleet, and those drove by the wind with that force betwixt the glass & ye lead, that the water poured in at the stair window in the hall in such– great quantities that in a quarter of an hour after ye maid took up a pail full; The storm continued without any abate - –ment till past 10 a clock (when I went to bed ) and I believe all night till very near next morning: The great rains that accompanyed this tempest was(under God ) the means that it did not do any more Mischief; it stript some of my Hay stacks of its thatch shattered & bruised the thatch of some houses, and tore very large Arms of two plumb Trees in the Orchard, & threw almost down one of the fir Trees in the walk by the Garden: Pd. 9d. for a fore quarter of small Mutton .
17th.  The Wind N.W. blowing high & cold all day, yet without rain, about 5 this Evening also it begun to blow very stormy,but nothing to be compared to last night, & continued so all night.
18th.  The Wind W. in the morning,& blowing fresh, SunShiny fair & dry till 4 in the Evening when the Wind came to S.W. & begun to rain, small & moderate at first, but afterwards all along(till near ii a clock when I went to bed ) it rained very hard,& left it so when I went to bed. The Priest preached in John Chap: 4th. vers· 23d.
19th.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh, sun Shiny & fair in the morning till i0 from that time till 2 in the Evening it rained hard, the rest of the day was dry.
20th.  The Wind S.W. very moderate, Sun Shiny clear & fair all day; planted & dressed some fruit trees, & Pd. 6d. for Beef Suet.
2ist.  The Wind from S.W. to W. & blowing fresh, rained very hard and almost incessantly from mid night to near Sun rise this morning:the rest of the day was dry, but rained very hard this night also ·

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