October 26th.  The Wind W. & by N. blowing fresh & cold,abundance of hail fell about i this morning, and a very great shower of Sleet fell about i0. the rest of the day was generally Sun — shiny & dry: Pd. John Jones of Bwlch 9s. for 2 peggets of hay Seed had of him last spring . 
27th.  The Wind N.W. blowing fresh and cold, but was dry & generally Sun Shiny all day: pd.  2s. iid.2/1 for whitening of cloath, & 3d. more to Jonet Roberts for to pay for the cloath she bought for Hugh ’Bwilliam Gabriel. To Day I cut the last of my Cucumbers·
28th.  The Wind N. & blowing moderate, cloudy dark weather all day, and raining a cold sleet from 9 in the morning till near noon; the rest of the day was moist, dark moaky weather, and rained hard about 8 at night.
29th.  The Wind W. & by N.. blowing moderate, but cold & sharp; cloudy dark weather till 9 in the morning; The Wind came then to E. wasSun shiny & fair most of the Evening, but rained a sharp shower about 5.
30th.  5● [this is written vertically in the margin below '30th.' sw] The Wind W. in the morning & blowing very moderate, Sun Shiny and fair till 2 in the Evening when the Wind came to S. and – it grew cloudy and overcast: To Day I finish sowing Rye : finished likewise to day planting some Ash, Elm & Lime trees & Alders & shall plant no more till February if please God I live . Pd. 4d.2/1 for Buttons for Hugh ’ Bwilliam Gabriel . To Day I cut the last of my Artichoaks: rained very hard most part of the night
3ist.  The Wind W. & by S. blowing fresh & raining very hard about 2 in the morning till near day: the rest of the day was dry & some Sun shine Idem ['the same' sw] — 
November ist.  The Wind S. & by W.blowing fresh with some rain in the morning yet generally Sun shiny & fair : Yesterday & to day I was cutting the Willow Poles for hoops & cleansing the Banks about the Roots of them from the long grass and weeds, & relieving the young Oak & Ash(that are planted in the middle of the Banks ) from the weeds & long grass that had quite grown over some of them.
2d.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh and generally cloudy dark weather, yet continued dry all this day, but made some mizling rain in the night LLanerchymedd Fair to day proved but indifferent, not so – good by a great deal as last LLanfechell Fair .
3d.  The Wind S. S. W. very calm with a dirty mizling rain from break of day till far in the night.
4th.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh and raining almost without intermission and sometimes very hard all day and a great part of the night.

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