May 22d.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh and very cold all day: the morning was Sun shiny & clear, but the Evening was – cloudy and dark yet made no rain this day : Paid Harry the Slater is. [1/- sw] for mending what was beginning to decay in the roof of the house – but this night from half an hour after 8 till near 2 in the morning it rained very hard, yet was not the wind allayed·
23d.  The Wind S. blowing high, and attended with frequent showers of small rain especially in the Evening.
24th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, cloudy dark weather accompanyed with frequent small showers of rain almost thorout this day: Paid Mary Wms. iL. 6s. in full of her winter's wages; pd. Margaret Jones Mantua maker 6s. 6d. for work done by her to my Daughter & her Daughter Jane: Pd. Richard Wms. Taylor 6d. for mending my Coat. in all iL. i3s.

25th. Whitsunday [this is written in the margin below '25th.' sw]  

The Wind E. blowing pretty fresh and for the most part of the day Sunshiny and fair but the air cold for the time of the year: a pretty large number of people comunicated [there is a curlicue over the 'm' sw] in LLanfechell Church this day ^a hundred & twelve^: I gave is. [1/- sw] as Charity to Richard Roberts of Cerrig mân,a poor blind man·

26th.  The Wind N. blowing moderate Sun shiny fair and pretty warm all this day: My distemper was very grieveous and tormenting all this Evening and night.
27th.  The Wind N. blowing moderate, Sun shiny and fair all this also - I am all this day also very sick at heart,besides the torment I bear from the Tenesmus [the feeling of constantly needing to evacuate the bowels, with little or nothing passed sw].Pd. Robert Owen ab Wm. John 30s. in full of his last winter's wages , and pd. Owen Roberts iL. i5s. in full of his last winter ’s wages. gave [i sw]s. [maybe 'is.' changed from '2s.', or maybe '2s.' changed from 'is.' sw] to Cousin Jane We[i sw]ch's boy who came to see his Aunt to Cemlyn, & î his Cousin Wm. Wms. of Cemlyn . 
28th.  The Wind came to S. this morning about 4 & rained exceeding hard from that time till near 7. blew fresh and cold & was sun shiny and dry the rest of ye day.

29th.   ❍91/2 [nine and a half sw] [this is written vertically in the margin below '29th.' sw]

The Wind S. blowing moderate and generally Sun shiny till near 3 in the Evening; cloudy & dark the rest of the day & made a small – shower about 4 which was soon over and continued dry the rest of the day to dry the Malt thorowly well: Paid Richard John David the dryer is. for- the drying of it .

30th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate & attended with a mizling rain all ye morning; The Evening was dry but it rained very hard in the night from soon after 9 till near 3 in the morning :pd. 3d. for fish & is. 4d.2/1for a quarter of Veal.
3ist.  The Wind S. blowing fresh; some Sun shiny, but generally cloudy & dark, yet made no rain this day.

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