August i5th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate, Some Sun shine, but generally cloudy & dark weather, yet made no rain: Paid Wm. Griffith 1L. 3s. 7·d2/1 [the dot is superscript, in front of the 'd' sw] which with the 36s. I had delivered him the iith. of last month was laid out at Liverpool to pay for plow horses furniture.
i6th.  The Wind S. & little of it, cloudy and overcast all this day : about noon it made some rain & a little afterwards in the Evening, but was soon over Pd. Ellin Hughes of Simne wen i[5 sw]s. [Nesta Evans gives '14s.' sw] for what she had laid out in Chester – for bed trimmings .
i7th.  The Wind W. & by N. blowing moderate Sun shiny fair & dry— all this day: Pd. Marget ’ chuw Morus is. 6d. for a quarter of Small mutton·
i8th.  The Wind W. & by N. blowing moderate, Sun shiny & fair all this day & my people reaping every day since they began·
i9th.  The Wind S. blowing very moderate,.dark, cloudy weather all day & made __ some very little rain in the morning .
20th.  The Wind W. S. W. blowing moderate, some Sun Shine, but for the most part cloudy & dark, and rained very hard about 5 in the Evening, & some small show – ers afterwards; gave the Servant of LLysdulas 6d.
2ist.  The Wind N. blowing moderate, some sun shine,and drying well this day and my people were binding Corn & reaping all this day.

22d.    ● 5 [this is written vertically in the margin below '22d.' sw]

The Wind N. & by E. blowing moderate, and Sun shiny & drying well till i0 when it suddenly grew overcast and made a sharp shower about noon, and about 4 in the  Evening it rained very hard till after 5, and continued a small rain afterwards till past 9 .

23d.  The Wind W. blowing moderate, Sun shiny, fair & drying well in ye morning begun to rain about 4 in the Evening & rained hard the remainder of the day I believe for most part of the night.
24th.  The Wind N.E. & very little of it, cloudy & dark weather all this day ex- - cept a little in the Evening about 5, but made no rain this day: Paid – Rhŷs Bentir 4s. 3d. for Butcher's meat·
25th.  The Wind N.E. & little of it and generally Sun shiny & fair all this day: Llanerch – ymedd Fair this day proved an extraordinary good one: a great Number of Cattle bought there & at a good price.
26th.  The Wind N. & little of it, Sun shiny & fair all this day also:Paid Robert Owen ab Wm. Sion i5s in part of their Sumer's [there is a curlicue over 'm' sw] wages.

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