August 27th.  The Wind N. & little of it, cloudy & dark in ye morning- the Evening was generally Sun Shiny, but dry all day: Pd. Callen the Excise Officer i4s. being my Composition for Malt & Candles for the year ensuing·
28th.  The Wind N. calm, & generally Sun shiny this day, but was cloudy & overcast at the fall of night: this day about noon I was taken again with a great pain in my back & breast which continued all day and all night insomuch as I did not rest at all.
29th.  The Wind  S. blowing moderate and raining hard from 5 in ye Morn till 7, then cleared up, was Sun shiny & windy the rest of the day–
30th.  The Wind varying all this day from E. cloudy in the morning- but the Evening Sunshiny & pleasant & drying well all the day: To Day I begun to carry in the first of my Corn.
3ist.  The Wind varying & unfixed this day likewise from W. in the morn- to N.E. in the Evening, Sun Shiny fair & dry all this day except a very small shower it made about the morning: Paid Wm. Parry the Taylor of Bangor 3L. 5s. for garments he had made for Ann & Jane Wright; & pd. Rhŷs Bentir is. 2d. for Butcher's meat.
September ist.  The Wind W. & by N. blowing moderate, and dry all the morning, but from 3 in the Evening till midnight it rained hard & incessantly: The three last days my people were makeing corn & they had finished almost a Barley stack to day before the rain begun, notwithstanding which I finished my Stack & gave it a tem– –porary covering of Straw before night. Paid Robert Owen shepperd 4s. 6d. of his Sumer's [there is a wavy line over the 'm' sw] wages .
2d.  The Wind N. E. & little of it, made some sun shine in the morning & altogether dry; but the Evening was cloudy & dark and almost continually raining ·
3d.  The Wind W & by S. cloudy & dark for the most part & blowing very high & stormy all day, but made no rain I think·
4th.  The Wind W. & little of it, Sun shiny, fair , warm & dry all this day also 
5th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate, generally cloudy & dark withfrequent showers of rain morning & Evening, & some of them very heavy: Went to day to Amlough to meet my Brother Lewis & the Chancellorto qualifie our selves for acting in the Land, & light tax Acts: and we Signed the Bills for Twrkelyn at Amlough : pd. there for my ordinary is. [1/- sw]


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