Septr. 27th. R[ecce sw]d to day the following Distich, being tied to the halter of a person lately hanged in London __


Thus English'd by another hand

Nat, am'rous slave, one Night b'ing caught in Net  

Which Indian Dame ’gainst Gnats closs knit had set 

On Wall-Nut Tree is truss'd, knot stops his breath  

And So Gnat, Net, Night, Knot, Nut, knit Nat's Death ___

28.  The Wind N.E. calm and fair, was this day shooting with Abraham Jones, had onely one Curlew, had likewise some Whiteings of Own Pugh Bowen, & Richard Joshua who had been a fishing, went to Cemaes, where I spent 8d. for Ale—
29th.  The Wind NW. blowing pretty high, with frequent showers in the Morning of Hail & cold rain, ye Evening cold & dry — spent 4d after Evening prayer for Ale –pd Mary the Maid. 5s Wages
30th.  The Wind W. dark and Cloudy with high Wind, but dry all day spent 1d.2/1 for Ale —

Octobr. 1st. ∣❍ 5∣  [this is written vertically in the margin between '1st. and '2d.' sw]

The Wind SW. very high and stormy, it begun to blow & rain – about 2 a clock in ye Morning, & continued without ye least inter–mission till 5 in the Evening, tho it rained afterwards most part of the Night but not so violently –

2d.  The Wind W. a Dry Cold day the Wind very high, made no rain all day the Market at LLanerchymedd ris considerably upon the old Barley which went for 18s a pegget, tho the Rye & pilcorn went no higher – Bought a Surloyn of Beef 20 pound weight for 2s. 6d. –
3d.  The Wind N.E. but very still, it rained most part of last night, till very near day, I have now people makeing the hedge between Cae’r âllt ddu and the Medow in Bodelwyn a Double hedge, by making a Ditch within the medow_
4th.  The Wind E.&NE. all day, very cold & dry, a pretty good markett at Llanvechel[could be 'LLanvechell' but the end of the word's in the binding sw] bought a Quarter of very good Veal of Richd. Owen for 10d. Marked a Cupboard, [? sw] & Chest of Da. Davies for the repairs of Drym house _
5th.  The Wind N.E. Cold, dry and Windy all day, my people still working ye hedge at Bodelwyn –

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