Sepr. 23d.  The Wind W.N.W. blowing pretty high in ye Morning dry & clear, this day I visited my Fir plantations in Cae tŷ'n y LLŵyn & Cae Cal∎ed where I planted last March 98 fir trees. I found 34 quite dead, severall feeble & Sickly, & some being broke by cattle put out collaterall branches, which will never make upright han<d>some trees the cause I impute that so many dieed in Cae tŷ'n y LLwyn & Cae Caled is, that the borders where they were planted was full of fern & bryers, & not being looked after in the Sumer, were choacked by those weeds, the plants not being above 15 or 18 inches above ground – The same time I examined the Firs planted in Cae'r Gegin, where out of 32 planted there the same time 4 onely were dead, I examined – likewise the firs planted in ye Wild bank or hill in ye Orchard and out of 11 planted there last March 5 were Dead __about 3 in ye Evening the Wind came to S.W. began to rain before 5, and rained from that time for most part of the Night, I believe —
24th.  The Wind W. blowing very high before, and till very far in the day about noon it came to the S. and rained very hard without ceasing till 5 in the Evening when it turned again to the W.N.W. and blew for most part of the Night a Hurricane[? sw][not sure if there are two letters after the 'n' of 'Hurricane' sw] of Wind, was this day at LLanfechell swearing the Constables to their lists of Freeholder[? sw][this is lost in the binding; Nesta Evans has 'Freeholders' sw] names of 6l pr. annum & upwards to serve on Juries, to be return[? sw][this is lost in the binding; Nesta Evans has 'return'd' sw] to Michaelmas Quarter. Pd. Abraham Jones the Shopkeeper liveing in Pen y Dre in LLanvechell his Bill, which came to 1l. 6s. 5d. – Delivered him 7s. to go to Chester to buy me a Cheschire Cheese, and some Pickles. spent 2d for Ale.
25th.  The Wind N.W. and very high & tempestuous, & very dark & cloudy besides – it continued dry & windy all ye rest of the day. the Markett at LLanerchymedd lowered to what it was, barley from 12 to 15s. Rye and Pilcorn from 18 to 20s –
26th.  The Wind N. a very still, clear fair day from first to last, My people employed in grubbing of Gorse & carrying them home –
27th.  The Wind N.W. very still weather, it begun to rain long before day & rained without intermission till near i of the clock in ye Evening then a Little fairer. dark & hazy & dirty misling weather all ye rest of ye Day a good deal of meat at LLanvechell markett, bought a side of very good Lamb for a Shilling —spent 1d. for Ale –  

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