September 28th.  The Wind E. very calm, cloudy dark weather all day, yet warm for the time of the year: Paid Hugh Jones of Marian Lady Bulkeley's Steward 5s. fee farm rent out of Tyddyn y Rhôs.
29th.  The Wind W. blowing cold and raw yet not high; all the day was cloudy & dark & the Sun did not appear at all.
30th.  12● [this is written vertically in the margin below '30th.' sw] The Wind W. blowing cold & raw all day, the wind at the same time not high, made also some rain early in the morning, and some about noon, and the Air was generally cloudy and dark; My people this week after they had finished thatching the Corn & hay were employed in digging Gors & carrying them home.
October ist.  The Wind W. very calm, cloudy & dark, and generally makeing a small mizling rain almost all Day: To Day an account - came that Sr. Watkin Williams Wynn of Wynn Stay in the County of Denbigh Baronet had been thrown off his horse as he was hunting ^on Tuesday the 26th. of the last month^ & had broke his ^skull^neck & dyed; he had lately marryed Miss Fanny Shackerly by whom he had one Son: This sudden Accident will probably cause much alterations in that County, As this Gentleman had at a prodigious expence maintained his Interest in that County for above 30 years against Chirk Castle Family backed with all the power & influence of the Court aided with the resources of ye Treasury by which he plunged an Estate of i5000 pounds a year )to 120000 pounds in debt.
2d.  The Wind S. very calm, dark cloudy weather and made a good deal of mizling rain in the Evening; the Night was dry, but dark & cloudy.
3d.  The Wind W. blowing moderate, Sun Shiny fair & pleasant all the morning: about noon it blew fresh & cold & the Airthickened & begun to rain about i, which it continued till very near night.
4th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh all day, especially in the Evening; made but very little rain this day, tho it was generally dark and cloudy·
5th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh with a mizling rain all the morning, till 10. some dry weather afterwards for about an hour[, sw] & a mizling rain most [an End sw] the rest of the Evening: To Day I begin to muck Cae'r Iarlles isaf & Cae'r Delyn; the other Cae'r Iarlles having muck enough in it as was these 2 last years a pinfold for my Cows.
6th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate, & warm for the time of year, generally Sun shiny & fair till about 4 in the Evening it made some rain: Pd. R[hy sw]s Bentir 1s. 9d. for a hind quarter of Veal & a forequarter of Mutton .

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