May 6th.  The Wind S. calm, Sun shiny fair and warm all the morn- - ing, about noon it grew dark & overcast,but dry all day, & made fine rain in the night.

7th. 10 ● [this is written vertically in the margin below '7th.' sw]

The Wind S. calm and dark cloudy weather but very warm all day made this day a great deal of fine warm rain both morning & Evening ·

8th.  The Wind E· S. E. calm & very warm &generally Sun Shiny with a little rain this day also; Paid John Hughes's Billfor Salt & Iron being iL. 2s. 6d.
9th.  The Wind S. in the morning, came to E.S.E. by noon, dark & cloudy weather with a fog, but exceeding warm & fine growing weather: To Day I finished sowing Barley: about 6 this Evening it begun to rain very hard accompanyed with some thunder & continued more or less till night: pd. 2s. 9d. for carrying Books I had bought from Chester, & is. 4d. for a Leghorn Letter·
i0th.  The Wind E. very calm, cloudy & dark for the most part, but very close weather, warm & Sultry, paid 7s. 7d. to two lads for harrowing , and 4d. 2/1 for carrying more books from Chester.
iith.  The Wind E. very calm, close,sultry weather & generally dark & cloudy, but continued dry all this day.
i2th.  The Wind N. blowing fresh all day, & generally Sun shiny&scorching and but very little dew this morning.
i3th.  The Wind S. calm, cloudy & dark, but very warm & sultry all day.


Whitsunday [this is written in the margin opposite this entry sw]  

The Wind S. blowing moderate, & generally Sun Shiny,-but about — noon was overcast & made a small shower: i02 persons comunicated [there is a wavy line over the 'm' sw] to day at LLanfechell Church & the Curate Priest preached in the Even – ing on Acts: Chap: 2d. & the first 4 verses ·

i5th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate, Sun shiny and dry all day: gave6d.apiece to the Curate & dark at the burying of a child of Humphrey Francis of Croes fechan ; & Pd. John Prichard the Cowman 2is. being the remainder of his winter's wages .
i6th.  The Wind E. blowing moderate, generally Sun shiny,dry and veryhot & scorching all day & but little dew this morning·
i7th.  The Wind N. E. very calm, sunshiny, hot & very dry all this day– but a fine dew this morning .
i8th.  The Wind E. & by N. very calm, sun shiny, dry and very hot all this day also, but a very great dew this morning.

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