March i4th.  The Wind N.E. blowing high, excessive cold and freezing all day as it did all last night; & brought down some hail sometime this morning before day.
i5th.  The Wind N. E. blowing fresh & generally cloudy &dark very cold and freezing all day : bought of Rhŷs Bentir a side of Lamb & the head for is. id.
i6th.  The Wind N.E. blowing fresh and exceeding cold & freezing all day in the shade & generally dark & cloudy: My people are this week harrowing small Oats every Evening; but the ground is ☞ [this pointing symbol is in the margin opposite this line sw] so frozen in the morning that it will not separate: A thing wch. I think the oldest man never has seen. 
i7th.  The Wind N. E. calm, sun shiny & serene,but very cold & freezing; about 9 this night it begun to Snow & before 10 the ground was thick covered with it .
i8th.  The Wind E. very calm & Sun shiny but freezing sharply on the Snow that fell last night , and was exceeding cold all day: paid 5d. for Earthen mugs, & 2s. to mole cath^c^ers whom I was- forced to discharge because of the hard frost·
i9th.  The Wind E. blowing very moderate, Sun shiny fair & clear but very cold & freezing all day as it did very hard all last night: pd. Abraham Jones's bill being iL. 6s.
20th.  The Wind came to S. this morning on the great quantity of Snow that full last night & which covered the ground pretty deep this– morning; it blew fresh attended with a good deal of rain which - melted it all in a manner by night: pd. 4s. for 6 pound weight of white po[u sw]der Sugar, & gave 5s. to Cousin Mary Bulkeley a poor Daughter of my Unkle John Bulkeley of Bwchanan.
2ist.  The Wind came to N.E. this morning upon a very great rain that fell from 5 to 7 . the rest of the day was Sun Shiny,fair & dry.
22d.  The Wind S. calm dark & cloudy weather with frequent small showers of mizling rain in the morning: bought of Rhys Bentir a quarter of Veal for is. [1/- sw] & a side of lamb for 6d.
23d. ● 10 [this is written vertically below '23d.' sw] The Wind N. E. in the morning, came to E.before night, was dry all day: To Day I finished sowing 8 peggets & half of small Oats .

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