Febr. 8th.  The Wind variable, changeing from E.S.E where it was in the morning to S.W. in the Evening, a prodigious hoar frost this morning & a very great frost besides, all the day continued very dark & cloudy , & very raw & cold; A poor Market to day at LLanfechell. To Day I begun to thresh my Stack of great Oats.
9th.  The Wind W.S.W. calm & fair & moderately warm, but dark cloudy & thawing gently all day; Lent Richard LLoyd ye thresher 1s. my people all this week were employed, some in cutting Gors for faggots, others carrying them, & setting them on End by way of a fence in Cae Sgubor bach to turn in my Oxen to Eat hay. Since which work they were employed,some in raising the Stone Wall betwixt Cae Bryn y Chwarel & the high way, & others carrying of muck on part of the Sd field, in order to make there a Potatoe Garden.
10th.  The Wind N.W. calm& fair, and thawing all day, but freezd before morning. The Parson preached on Ephes. Chap 5th. vers. 30th.
11th. The Wind N.W. calm, dark & cloudy, & thawing very fast, but freezed again before day, some of my people are working at the Wall, others of them are carrying Gorse.
12th.  The Wind S.E. calm, & moderately warm in the Morning, but dark & cloudy & thawing very fast, grew very cold in ye Evening & made Some snow about 4 . the wind chopped about to the E. by Night & freezed very hard all night long.
13th.  The Wind E.N.E. blowing very high & cold, & freezing very hard, tho very dark & cloudy, the Evening was excessive cold & freezing, and within a few degrees as cold as the 3 cold days in December last.
14th.  The Wind N.N.E. in the Morning, & came to N.W. before night, it thawed gently all day, & made a small gentle rain about 4 in the Evening, but freezed again before day, a very full fair at LLanfechell for Hats, shooes, cloath &c. pd. Owen Rowland the fuller 2s.6d. for fulling 5 Blankets.

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