Febr. 2d.  The Wind E. calm, sun-shiny & very fair, but freezing all day, on the fall of night the Clouds gathered & the Sky was over-cast, yet it made no rain, but it thawed all night . pd. Catherine Rowland 6s. 8d. legacy left her by Mr. Wynne of Rydgroes.  Had this night a letter from Mr. Wright of Liverpool giveing an acct. that his wife & my Daughter was safely brought to bed of a Son last Tuesday the 29th. of January at 10 minutes past ii at nigh[t sw] [the end of the word has been lost in the worn edge of the page sw]
3d. The Wind E. very calm, but cold raw weather & something cloudy & thawing a pace all day; a great congregation to day at LLanvechell Church, there being both a Buria[l sw] [the end of the word has been lost as the page edge is worn sw] & a wedding to day . gave 6d. to Mr. Bryan's Man that brough[t sw] [the end of the word is worn off the edge of the page sw] me a Letter—
4th.  The Wind E. & freezing bitterly all day; To Day Mr.— Lewis Morris Custom-house Surveyour of Holy-head went with My Brother Lewis to take a Survey of the Mill Road to Cafnan Mill thro Cafnan farm that hath been lately interrupted by Mr. John Griffith of Carreg– Lwyd,& for which Brother Lewis hath comenced a Law suit, after all attempts by Brother Lewis to make it up with him had proved fruitless; Griffiths would not hear of any method of decideing it amicably.
5th.  The Wind E. calm, sun-shiny & fair, but freezing severely all day; pd. into ye hands of Mr. Lewis Morris 5L. to be trans- -mitted over to Dublin for Mr. Wm. Parry's Rents; pd. him likewise 13s. for 36 pound of Soap bought in ye Custom house of Holy-head; pd. him likewise 5s. for 2 Books that he had pd. for the binding of them in Dublin . 
6th.  The Wind E. & by S. calm & cloudy, but cold & thawing all day but it freezed again by next morning.
7th.  The Wind E. & by S . Sunshiny & very clear with a hard fros[t sw] [the end of the word is lost in the worn edge of the page sw] this Morning; finished to day to winnow the last part of the Barley s[? sw] next the Barn which made in all 32 Peggets of pure Corn besides ye [??????? sw] [?? sw]

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