Febr. 15th. The Wind N.W. blowing cold, tho very dark & cloudy, it thawed all this day and all night.

16th.    6● [this is written in the margin below '16th.' sw] 

The Wind W. calm & dark, with a mizling rain in ye Morning and thawing gently all day; My people all this week like -wise were chiefly employed, some about the stone wall, & the rest were cutting and carrying home of Gors~ Pd. into the hands of Ann uch Huw Lew[i sw]s [Nesta Evans gives 'Lewys' sw] 5s. towards her care & trouble in nursing a Grandchild of hers, being one of three left destitute of help & comfort by the death of his Mother, I engaged to give her 5s more again, besides what she shall have of meat in the house when she comes here, & if I can likewise engage the Charity of the parishoners — to give her some relief .

17th.  The Wind W. moderately warm, but generally cloudy, and thawing all day very gently.
18th.  The Wind S.W. blowing fresh, and a clear, sun-shiny day, with — some small rain in the morning, but soon over, my Servants to day are threShing Hay for Seed to sow next month, made a very great shower of rain in the night.
19th.  The Wind S.W. in the Morning, sun-shiny & fair, Set out about [10 sw] to Join Bro. Lewis at LLanerchmedd to put the laws in execution relateing to the high ways in LLivon & Twrkelyn;cost me there 3d. & was at home before night, & well I did; for the Evening proved very cold & stormy, attended with Showers of hail, & blew hard at N.W. all night.
20th.  The Wind N.W. blowing a rank storm about 4 in the morning, the day clear & Sun-shiny, but blowing high and very cold, to day my people begun to plow the first time since the frost began
21st.  The Wind S.W. dark & cloudy, and very calm with a thick fogg all day, at the fall of night it made some rain, and thawed all this day & yesterday, but it had freezed sometime before day both the[s sw]e mornings, and there is a great deal of frost still in the ground deep, and Some on the Surface yet not melted.
22d.  The Wind W. calm & warm, with a mizling rain in the Morning: all the rest of the day was dark& cloudy; pd. 3d. for a Quart of Ale by way of Beveridge to give ye Smith for Mending the Mill Irons —

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