Febr. 23d.  The Wind W. a calm, warm day, & generally cloudy; to day & yesterday the Gardiner & my Own man planted Alders, Poplar .and Birch in the Walks, or — vacant spaces betwixt the Willow plantation, my other Servants at the Same work as before; Viz . plowing
24th.  The Wind E.N.E. blowing fresh & cold, & some frost this Morn -ing; Miles Bull of Beaumares pd. into my hands 5L. 16s   # [this hash is in the margin opposite this line sw] by Orders of my Son in Law Mr. Wright of Leverpool.
25th.  The Wind E. blowing very fresh & cold, haveing freezed hard last night & a great hoar frost this Morning– I have people to day finishing the spreading of the Ashes on Ca Pen– Bryn Clynni, the Ashes reached on [there is a symbol in the margin opposite this line that looks like a cursive 'x' with a double vertical line above and a single vertical line below sw] 25 Butts, besides 5 Short Buts by the Cow-house .
26th.  The Wind E. very calm, dark & cloudy & very cold all day — haveing freezed hard last night. it is become very sickly in this neighbourhood, & generally all the Countrey over, & the Neighbouring Counties also; I have now 4 Servants sick of it at once; so that I pay people by the day for plowing; in ye Neighbouring Counties we hear it <is> mortall, & that they dye very fast, so that in LLanrwst Church yard there was at ye Same time ii graves open & 9 another time; at Peniarth in – Merioneth-Shire where Lady Bulkeley lives there was 6 dead at the Same time in the House; the Sickness in this Neighbourhood affects people after a very odd manner, it first seizes them with pains in the head, & very great hard swellings in the head & face, & generally with a little fever, in 2, 3 or 4 days time that swelling falls down to ye lower part of the Belly & into the Cods, which swells so big, as if they had a rupture; praised be God it is not very mortall in this Countrey hitherto; the inconstancy of the weather is thought to occasion it, for a fort night past, we have had frost & thaw alternately every other day, & one part of the day warm & the other part very cold.

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