September 20th.  The Wind W. N. W. calm, Sun shiny and hot weather all this day: Paid yesterday 6s. 9d. for a Measure of Wheat, bought at LLanerchymedd, & 2s. for 4 pound of White Lead paint .
2ist.  The Wind N. E. calm, dry fine weather, something cloudy – in the morning, but cleared up about 9, & most of the rest of the day was sunshiny·bought a quarter of Veal a quarter of Mutton ofRhys for 3[s sw].
22d.  The Wind N. E· very calm, dry & pleasant all day, yet gener- - ally cloudy & dark: My people all this week were thatching the Corn . 
23d.  The Wind W. blowing moderate, cloudy in the morning; but cleared up about 8 & continued so till near 5 in ye Evening when it grew cloudy & overcast & blew fresh from W. & by S.& made some rain before day. To Day the Priest read ye Act of prevent clandestine Marriages for the first time.
24th.  The Wind W. blowing fresh and cold & raining about sun rise all the rest of the day was dry and generally Sun shiny &fair
25th.  The Wind W. calm, Sun shiny fair & pleasant all day — To Day & yesterday my Gardiner & Hugh ’ Bwiliam Gabriel are levelling the Court, so as to carry off the water and makeing gravell walks where they ’ll be wanted.
26th.  ●12 [this is written vertically in the margin below '26th.' sw) The Wind W. & by S. calm, sun shiny , fair and pleasant all day; The Market at LLanerchymedd to day was very full of Corn of all sorts, and much about the same price as it was all this last summer: Paid Andrew Mac Harrow forty two shillings & sixpence for Russia Diaper & a remnant of ^8 yards [& sw] half^ brown Plaid I bought of him; the plaid at 2s. 9d. & the diaper at ii. a – yard .
27th.  The Wind S.W. calm and warm, but cloudy & dark all day made severall showers of rain this day, & some of them very heavy.
28th.  The Wind W. & by S. blowing moderate, but cold, especially in the Evening, & rained very hard about 8 in the morning– & all the rest of the day was dry & some sun shine.bought a Side of Mutton of Rhys Bentir for 3s. 6d.
29th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh all day & generally cloudy & dark,but made little or no rain : the same peoplestill at thesame work at theCourt, & my other Servts. some carrying Sand & others fallowing forWheat. 

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