May 16th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh in the Morning, hot and scorching; The Evening calm and very hot: About 4 in ye Evening I went to Thomas Sion Rolant's house (the Fuller of Cefn Côch ) who teaches Psalm Singing in this parish and sings with them every Sunday & holy day, I went to his house I say, where a great number of the parishioners & some of other parishes had met to drink his Ale, and to give him what they thought proper; some more some less according to their Circumstances & inclinations: I gave him 10s. & 1s. for Hugh ab Wm. Gabriel, a boy that attends the Stable & who is going to him to be taught . pd. besides 6d. for Ale, & was at home soon after 9.
17th.  The Wind E. very calm Sun Shiny clear & fair and very hot all this day, but a very great dew this morning; the Night was calm and very fair and pleasant.
18th.  The Wind E. calm in the morning, fair & pleasant & a very hot day, but qualified with a little breeze from 9 in ye morning till 4 in the Evening: To Day I sheared my Sheep.
19th.  The Wind N.E. and a fresh breeze which qualified the Air, which would otherwise have been very hot & scorching – some clouds in the Evening, but the nîght Moon Shiny & fair.
20th.  ❍12 [this is written in the margin underneath '20th.' sw]The Wind E. very calm, Sun shiny hot & Sultry all day; – Paid 5i shillings for a parcell of Small Oaklings for Rafters for out house buildings & my people were all these 3 last days carrying them home from Cemaes together with those I had bought before pd. Grace Mostyn's Bill being i5s. pd. George Hughes the tinker 1s. for work
2ist.  The Wind N.W. very calm, some thing cloudy in the morning till 8, but all the rest of the day Sun Shiny & fair till 7 when it grew cloudy again, and pretty cold towards night. The Priest preached a piece of a Sermon on Mat. Chap. 7th. vers· 7th.
22d.  The Wind N. E. blowing pretty fresh & sharp, but Sun shiny & fair all day; To Day I finished carrying all my Timber from Cemaes – and also John Ifan's timber sent him by his Father, Lent my Mother 10s. to keep her pocket.
23d.  The Wind W. in the morning & something cold, came to S. about noon & blew fresh then & all day till 6 in the Evening it was allayed by severall Showers of rain it made from that time till i0 at night .

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