May 24th.  The Wind W. & by N. blowing fresh & very cold, which com- -ing Suddenly after the great heats has brought upon me a great cold, all last night & to day I am much troubled with it: The – following piece for its wit & humour deserves to be transcribed. [this poem was published in the Gentleman's Magazine March 1749 sw]

The Moderator .  

 O Guard me, Angells! in the Golden Mean! [this is an epigraph sw] 

Pope. [there is a diagonal line under the name sw]  

Beneath my wish, the transient Joy.   

Which to possess is to destroy:

Far from my heart th' unsocial pride

Of Wisdom, scorning all beside:  

The Selfish and the Sensual bliss  

Of learning's boast, and beauty's kiss,   

Alike I'd Shun, and steer between   

Th' Extreams, to gain the golden Mean.  

Give me a Nymph, whose Eyes confess  

Her Triumph in the pow'r to bless,  

Whose Joy survives the fond Embrace,  

And lives reflected from her race;

At Love's Soft Suit whose beauty glows

Whose sense the Social Duty knows,   

Whose Fortitude can well sustain  

Divided Cares and gen'rous pain

Whose goodness wishes to bestow  

A liveing boon on Earth below,    

And win the Glory to have given  

The tribute of a Soul to heaven.

No Steril Pride, no loose desire

Is here th' extream of Ice and Fire;   

But Sociall Wishes warm the breast

In Social Sighs and looks express.  

O! let my Breast with Answ'ring heat,   

A Breast like this transported meet!  

Whate'er is Joyfull, good and great,

Shall bless and dignifie the State,

Shall consecrate the Cup of Love  

Supply'd from sacred Springs above.  

Bellmour. [in the GM the poet's name is Belmour]  

About 12 this night Dyed Mrs. Jane LLoyd the youngest & onely Surviv– ing Child of Mr. David LLoyd late of LLoydiarth (except one Sister that sur -vived her Father & was Marryed to one Na[n sw]g[h sw] an Irishman, but left behind her no Issue) this Lady likewise left no Issue, dying unmarryed; she made a will & by it left her Real Estate to her second Cousin Thomas LLoyd of Dublin a Doctor of Physick in preference to his two Elder Brothers – and her personall Estate which is very considerable, she left to my Brother Lewis of LLysdulas .


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