April 2d.  The Wind the Wind S.E. very fair, clear & warm day, The Grand-jury were sworn this morning in the Order – following. John Griffith of LLanddyfnan, Hugh Hughes of Plâs Côch, William Bulkeley of Brynddu, Humphrey Robts. of Beaumares, Robt. Owen of Marrian, Wm. Roberts of B[?? sw]i[?? sw] Richard Hughes of Castellior Esqrs. Morris Lewis of Beaumares David LLoyd of Hen-Eglwys, Thomas Mredith of Celliniogg, Lewis LLoyd of Maes y Porth, Thomas Morris of Rhydgroes, Thomas Wynn of Chwaen ddu, Wm. Griffith of Kefn, Hugh Jones of Cwminod Gent . droped 6d. in the glove, & another to Lewis LLoyd of Maes y Porth appointed by the Gr. Jury their Steward to dispose of the money so dropped to pay for fireing in the Gr. Jury Room and the Bailifs for attending, and to the woman that looks after the room . paid at my lodging in where I treated Mr. Robt. Lewis Viccar of LLanidan, & Mr. Thomas Wynn 3s. 5d. pd.6d. afterwards for Ale at David Wms. Gave Wm. Prichard the Attorney 5s. to sue Griffith Sion of Bodegri for a debt he owes me, pd. Grace Parry of the Bull Inn 24s. 6d. for Bottles bought of her.
3d. The Wind S.E very warm& fair; 3 Bills brought to day before the Grand Jury, one for Fellony, & 2 for Battery, found that for Fellony & one of the Battery Bills, dined at my Lodgings (haveing refused the Sherriff's invitation) 2s. 9d.2/1 & gave Mr. Ed– -ward Owen ye Prothonotary's Clark 2s. was in the night at Mr. Meyrick's Chamber when I drank my share of a Bottle of Wine.
4th.  The Wind E.N.E. blowing very cold; The Grand Jury discharged this morning Court, pd. at my Lodging to day 2s.for meat& drink.
5th.  The Wind N. blowing excessive cold all day; Set out for home about 10, haveing cleared my Lodging & pd for myHorses&. 9s. 8d. pd. for 2 Magazines 1s. gave the Barber 2s gave ye Hostler 6d. came to Bwlch Gwyn about 1. where I baited & drank 4d.2/1 and arrived safe home (praised be God) by half an hour past 4 .having left in Beaumares 2L. 19s——

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