Easter Day [this is in the margin opposite this entry sw] 

April 6th.  The Wind N.E. dark & cloudy all day, and very cold, a very great congregation at LLanfechell Church, and 199 persons received the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, the Parson preached in ye Evening on Philipp: Chap:3d.& ye first part of the 20th. vers. pd. 3d. for Ale after Even– - ing Prayer.

7th.  The Wind N.E. dark & cloudy in the Morning, made some Sun-shine in the Evening. pd. 5s. 5d. land tax for Clygyrog ucha. Sett Tyddŷn y Weyn to Hughes Hughes now liveing at Vodol voel for the term of 4 years to commence at Allsts next at the rate of two pound ten Shillings a year, with the usuall presents of 2 young Pullets at Shrove tide 6 Chickens at may.& 2 days reaping in the Harvest, & he is to work with me all ye time he can spare from his own farm.

8th.  The Wind N.E. very calm & warm till 6, from that time till 3 in the Evening it was high wind & very cold, from 3 till night

Vide page 303 – [this is written in the margin opposite this line and the next sw]  

it was calmer & warmer; Set the remainder of John Owen's Term upon Ynŷs Waelod to John David of LLandrygarn at the same Rent & presents. & discharged John Owen from his contract.

9th.  The Wind E. dark & cloudy & very cold from morning to night the wind blowing high and very scorching, in such a manner — that the Corn doth not rightly sprout that hath been sowed a month ago, nor any Sign of grass; and if it should continue some time longer without rain, besides the inconveniences afore mentioned, there will be no water <to>❚z any fresh Water Mill in this County by the middle of July . Set to day the farm of Clygyrog ucha to William Owen of Pentraeth Taylor & his Brother for the term of Seven years to comence [there is a line above the 'm' sw] at Allsts. next at the Rent of fourteen pounds, allowing the Land Tax if they pay by St. Machute's day [one internet source gives 15 November as St. Machute's day; 15 November is the feast day of St. Mechell sw], I am to give them 1000 measures of Red Wharf sand at Cemaes this Sumer [there is a line over the 'm' sw].
10th.  The Wind E. Blowing fresh & very cold all day, & a great hoar frost in the Morning.
11th.  The Wind E. blowing very cold & extream scorching weather pd. 10d. for Garden Seeds —

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