April 12th.  The Wind E.N.E. very calm in the morning, and a great hoar frost, and some frost on the Water, about 8 it begun to blow, & it blew hard, and a cold scorching wind all day, Paid Hugh Williams of Pont y Seynŷdd Collector of LLan= -ddeusant Land Tax 28s. 8d. land Tax for my lands there 
13th.  The Wind E. blowing high cold, & scorching, but dark and cloudy till noon, the Evening sun shiny, but blowing very high, cold & scorching .
14th.  The Wind E.N.E. sun-shiny & clear all day, but blowing a high wind & very cold and scorching;

15th. 2● [this is written vertically immediately below '15th.' sw]  

The Wind E. very calm this morning,sun-shiny&pleasant, but cold enough, haveing freezed hard last night, insamuch that the frost this morning was as thick as a half Crown piece upon still water, pd. 6[this is followed by 's' and 'd' on top of each other sw] light tax for Brynddu, & pd by William Davies 21L. 10s. 6d to pay for Hogs for Mr. Wright. Set to day Carreg fawr to Robert Owen now liveing at Garn ynghornwy for the term of 7 years to comence [there is a line above the 'm' sw] next Allsts. the first year at the rate of 40s. the rest of the years at 45s. I laying thereon 200 Bush= -ells of Sand.

16th.  The Wind E.N.E. Sun-shiny and clear, but the Wind blowing cold, the Corn Market to day at LLanerchmedd pretty high, ye Barley being sold from 17 to 18s a pegget. To Day I saw the first – Swallow this year.
17th.  The Wind N.W. Sun-shiny; fair and very warm all day, and did not burn & scorch as before.
18th.  The Wind W.N.W. cold, dark and cloudy all day, but a great hoar frost this morning, very cloudy & dark in the night, but for all that it made no rain, which is extreamly wanted. pd to Wm. Bevan y Bwtser Bach that lives in Croes Fechan 6s. 8d2/1 for a Side of Pork weighing 46 pound at the rate of 1d.¾ a pound & likewise 10d. for the head . Sold the Sd. Wm. Bevan all ye Barley I canspare which I hope will be 50 peggets at 18s. a pegget. 

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