April 7th.  The Wind S. W. calm, cloudy and dark we^a^ther with a mizling rain most part of the day till 5 in the Evening when it cleared up & the Sun Shined the rest of the day: the ground is exceeding wet! an instance of which is that my people begun to sow Cadlas newŷdd in Coydan (as dry a field as any in this parish & fresh ground,)this being the first Corn in it after Sanding they begun to sow & harrow the Said field the 20th. of March & finished it the 5th. of April: being not able to work for the rain above 2 days in one week & 3 in another including pieces of days , & they worked all that time with– four harrows. Posterity perhaps will think this relation untrue, but certainly it is truth.
8th.  The Wind variable & changing frequently this day fromS. in the morn – ing when it rained heavily a soaking mizling rain to 2 in the Evening when the wind came to N. and blew fresh & dry the rest of the day: Sent 2 Guineas by John Randle the Carrier to pay Mr. Whitfield of Chester for Sugars I had of him·
9th.  The Wind W. blowing moderate, cloudy & dark,but generally dry– this day: Paid Richard Jones the Mill Wright iL. 2s. 6d. for i5 days work at my Mill at i8d. a day his own meat, & pd. his servant i2s. for i2 days at his own meat: Paid likewise my Sister Catherine   ☞ [this pointing symbol is in the margin opposite this line sw] 5L. 5s. in part of a great deal of Interest money I owe her.
i0th.  The Wind W. blowing moderate, some sun shine and dry all this day_ gave 2s. 6d. charity to relieve a poor sick family that live in ye mountains
iith.  The Wind S. W. and raining early in the morning, and generally dark and cloudy all day: The Priest preached & finished the sermon he had begun this day fortnight·
i2th.  The Wind E. and blowing moderate and raining either hail or– rain almost all day: Pd. 6s. 8d. for 8 cibbi[ne sw]s of Potatoes for planting 
i3th.  The Wind E. blowing moderate, Sun shiny fair & dry all the morning and a great part of the Evening but made some heavy showers before night and very great rain in the night: pd. 2s. 3d. to Edward Wm. Sion Owen– for carrying a Chest of Drawers in his ship from Chester. 
i4th.  The Wind S. S. W. blowing moderate, Some sun shine with frequent – showers of rain almost all the morning, so that the ground is imoder – ately wet and neither plowing nor sowing in these parts: the Evening was dry & calm. 
2❍  [this is written vertically in the margin to the left of 'i5th.' sw]    i5th. The Wind E.N.E. blowing fresh,Sun shiny & drying well all day,but made excessive heavy raîn this night.
i6th.  The Wind N. E. blowing fresh cloudy & dark but generally dry in the day but made this night also very great rain: Pd. Rhys Bentir is. 6d. for one Side of Lamb, and is. 3d. for another's Side: Paid also 3d. for fish, and pd. 8s. 4d. for — i2 Cibbins of Potatoes to plant.

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