June 27th.  The Wind S.W. blowing fresh, and generally Sunshiny and drying well this day: I begun to rake some hay to day: Paid Lady Bulkeley's Agent i0s. being 2 years fee farm rent ^[acct sw]^for [it is not clear whether 'for' is crossed out, or just smudged sw] Tyddyn y Rhôs .
28th.  The Wind S.S.W. blowing fresh and cold for the time of the year, but– Sun shiny and dry for most part of the day.
29th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh and very cold raw weather attended with frequent showers of cold rain
30th. 8● [this is written vertically in the margin below '30th.' sw] The Wind S. calm and warm and for the most part Sun shiny and pleasant in the morning; about noon it grew very dark, and rain'd exceeding hard about i in the Evening which continued with very little intermission till 3.the rest of  the Evening was dry.
July ist.  The Wind W. very calm, Sultry and warm all day, it rained excessive hard sometime before day, and a great deal of small smoaky rain – afterwards & till 9 a clock, the rest of the day was Sun Shiny, fair & hot.
2d.  The Wind N.E. very calm, Sun shiny clear & very hot & Sultry all day- gave the Priest at Cousin Humphrey Mostyn's Wife's Funerall 1s. & 6d. to the Clark: pd. Mossom 12s. 6d. for 20 pound weight of Lump sugar–i2s. for 2 pound weight of Tea, & 1s. 8d. he had paid for a Letter.
3d.  The Wind S. very calm, cloudy and dark all day, made a sharp shower of rain about noon, except which it was dry all this day: pd. Gabriel Jones 5s. 9d. which he pd. for Garden Seeds for me in Chester: pd. 4s. 2d. for half Dosen knives and forks, & is. 2/1 for a pound Pot of Anchoves: and 10d. 2/1 for a pound Pot of Capers ; Pd. is. 6d. for a quarter of Mutton, & 1s. 10d. for a quarter of Veal . 
4th.  The Wind S. W. calm and dry, but generally cloudy & overcast; very bad weather in the hay harvest hitherto, & onely running to it,and from it almost all day.
5th.  The Wind W. blowing very moderate, Sun shiny all the morning – and drying well; the Evening was generally cloudy & dark, but made no rain: The Priest preached on Colloss: [Colossians sw] Chap: 3d. verse 2d. 
6th.  The Wind S. S. W. very calm and warm, but dark and cloudy all this day,with some mizling rain in the Evening and night .
7th.  The Wind S. W. very calm, cloudy, close dark weather with a mizling rain all the morning till near i in the Evening when the Wind came to N.W. the rest of the day was dry, but the Air moist & the Sky cloudy and dark.
8th.  The Wind N. W. blowing fresh & drying well; cloudy & dark till ii in the morning, the rest of the day was sunshiny, drying well, & harvesting the hay that was in a very bad condition before.

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