June i6th.  The Wind S.W. blowing pretty fresh and raining incessantly from i in the morning till 3 in the Evening, and that generally very hard; the rest of the Evening was dry & generally– Sun shiny : Pd. Robert Hughes Master of a Vessell from Conway – One pound 2s. for a Ship load of Red Wharf Sand being the last that I intend to take this year, haveing discharged & brought upon the bank 2100 measures according to Six score to the hundred·
17th.  The Wind S. S· W· blowing fresh & cold for the time of the year, Sun - shiny in the morningtill 8,all the rest of the day dark & cloudy – begun to rain in earnest about 6, and rained I belive all night. & for the most part very hard.
18th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh all day; especially in the Evening,when it blew very cold likewise; rained very hard all this morning, and till i in the Evening, the rest of the day was dry, but very cold: Paid Mr. Richard Jones of Carnarvon's Bill for the funerall, being 35 pounds 17 shillings.
19th  The Wind S. blowing fresh & cold, but sun shiny, fair & dry all day: Pd. Wm. Roberts the Sadler 6s. 6d. for a Bridle : pd. Owen Thomas the Smith's Bill being 5s. 9d. Pd. Rhŷs Bentir 2s. 4d. for a Side of Veal.
20th.  The Wind N. W. blowing very moderate, some sunshine, but generally dark, cloudy weather and cold, but dry all day: Pd. Abraham Jones's Bill being 16s.
2ist.  The Wind W, very calm, Sun shiny, fair and warm all day: The Priest preached on Galat:  Chap. 6th. verse i5th. pd. 4d. for fish,& gave 6d. to a Collection for a poor Person that was made at Church.
22d.  The Wind W.S. W. very calm and warm, tho generally cloudy and close weather most part of the day: Pd. 3d. for fish ·
23d.  The Wind S.W. very calm, Sun shiny for the most part, & hot and Sultry all day: To Day I begun to mow my hay.
24th.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh & cold, cloudy &dark, it begun to rain about 2 in the Evening, & rained very hard all the rest of the day·
25th.  The Wind W. and W. & by S. blowing pretty fresh &generally Sun- shiny, but dry all this day : Lost 40s. by Gameing.
26th.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh & cold, cloudy and dark almost all day - with some rain in the Evening and on the fall of night, it withers & dryes the hay so very little that· nothing is fit here to be raked that was cut last Tuesday. P[d sw]4s. 3d. for Butcher's meat

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