June 19th  The Wind S.E. in the Morning & E. in the Evening, a Clear, Hot, Sultry day, with the Wind pretty high & scorching. the Markett in Llanerchymedd pretty high, barley from 17 to 18s a pegget, Rye & pilcorn from 24 to 26s. a peggett, Wheat from 28 to 35s a pegget.

20th.    ∣●12 [this is written immediately below '20th.' sw] 

The Wind E. & a brisk gale in the Morning with some thunder & black clouds, to day I begun to mow hay, Entered myself a com-pounder with Pugh the Exciseman for the year following for three heads of Malt at the rate of 5s a head, & for 3 heads for Candles a the rate of 2s. a head. the Wind W. in the Evening, the Parson Mett to set [Nesta Evans has 'let' sw] his Tythe at his own house. I gook the tythe of Llawr y Llan for 22L. <gave one shilling earnest.> the Tythe of Dygwel was sett to Thomas Edwards of Cae Mawr for 2l. 15s. Caerdegog Tythe was proposed to be sett in two parcells; the highway from Cafnan to Llanvechell was to be the boundary of the 2 parcells, that parcell, North of ye high Way was called parcel isaf, or parcel yr Wylfa. & 15L. 10s. bid for it by Humphrey Mostyn of Symne [Nesta Evans has 'Simni' sw] Wen, the other parcell South of the high way was called y parcell ucha or parcell Caerdegog & Henry Jones of Bwlch bid for it 17l. but both of them as yet not taken. it rained very hard that Night almost till day–

21st.  The Wind S.E. Cloudy & dull in the Morning, but very sultry, clear & very hot in the Evening, discharged Abraham Jones's <shopkeeper at lLanfechell> Shop Note of 1l. 3s. his Wife then going for Chester fair. paid one David Arthur a Dealer in hops 12s for 12l. of hops bought of him this day. a poor flesh Markett this day at Llanfechell.
22d.  The Wind S.&S.W. all day , dull & cloudy in the Morning, & Sultry very clear & hot in the Evening & a good hay harvest.
23d.  The Wind N. & very still, cloudy & rusty weather all the morning in the Evening it rained, and continued most part of the night spent 2d for ale.
24th.  The Wind.N.E.Rusty, Cloudy Weather all the Morning, with some rain clear & fair in the Evening. Agreed with Rowland Prichard ap Wm. Pugh to gather the Tythe of Llawr y Llann for the tenth shock of Corn and the fifth load of hay. he to gather the hay into the 3 most con-venient places, & to have it shared there, (viz) Brynddu, Bodelwyn, & Coydan, but to gather all ye Corn to ye Tythe yard by the Parson's house. to Day I gathered the first Beans this year.

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