June 25th.  The Wind N.E. in the Morning, the Sky cloudy & rusty in ye Morning cleared up about 7 and was very hot till 3 in ye Afternoon, when the wind came to S.S.W. & blew cold, all the skies overcast with clouds.
26th.  The Wind .S.S.W. cloudy in the Morning, about 9 it cleared up, was very fair and warm all the rest of the Day. was at Cemaes to day bathing in the Sea spent there 3d. for ale. . The Markett full to day at Llannerchymedd, the barley being 16s. a peggett, other corn f[e sw]ll in proportion, had a quarter of Mutton Mutton from Llanerchmedd cost me 15d. I've bought better here for 6d. necessity only shall compell me to buy meat there
27th.  The Wind W.S.W, cloudy & misling rain in the Morning till 9 a clock. then dry (tho still dark) till 7 in the Evening, at which time it began to rain, and continued raining all, or most part of the Night.
28th.  The Wind N.W. great signs of the rain that fell last night, every puddle being full, but this Day is fair & hot. & good hay harvest. Sold this day to — Rowland Hughes of Lligwy 13 Oxen for 4l. 10s a piece, & the fourteenth being but a crab, I had for him but 3l. 9s. I am to send them next monday being July 1st. to Llangwillog where he'll receive them and pay the money. bought to Day at the Markett of Llanvechell a side of Young Venison, very good & fat for 1s. 3d. of Wm. Bevan of Croesvechan, spent 3d for ale —————
29th.  The Wind S.W. a clear, fair, hot day, and continued so till 5 a clock in the Evening, when the Sky began to be overcast with clouds, & grew very cold before night, about 10 a clock at night it began to rain, & I believe it continued raining most part of the Night, spent 3d for Ale to look at a quoiting match betwixt 3 of Llanfechell & 3 of Caerdegog, which ended in a drawn battle, no body conquering.
30th.  The Wind S.S.W. it rained this morning without intermission ’till near 11 a clock Owen Bulkeley of Gronant read in this church to day & preach'd on 1. John. Chap ∎ 5th. & ye latter part of ye 3d verse [presume this means John I, 3&5 sw]. the parson being not come home from his Aunt's burying which was yestarday. This Owen Bulkeley was 6 years ago but a comon [there is a wavy line above the 'm', like a tilde sw] labourer; nothing even of a School schollar. & Owen Lloyd of LLansadwrn being then parson of Llanddeusant & a lazy worthless man ∎∎∎<not> being able to gett a Curate to serve ye three Churches of Llanddeusant, Llanfairynghoronwy & Llanbabo for the pitifull wages of 14L. a year (for he would not give any more) by which means (he liveing at Bangor at his ease & serving in no Church, these 3 churches [Nesta Evans has cap 'C' sw] were in a manner neglegted for ye sapce of 2 or 3 months, except it was that some body came very seldom to ruffle them over the prayers of the church. (as we had ours by this fellow to day) the parishoners <by> this time beginning to grumble,

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