from March 30th. 1734. to March 1735
A Diary begun then at Brynddu and kept of all transactions yt happened within the sd. year. relateing to my Countrey buisness, farming, tradeing, comerce, parish buissness, servant's wages. Prices of Corn & Cattle, remarks on ye weather &c—
March 30th.  a Cold dark day. but fair spring weather, sowed fir seeds in ye wall garden, the end of the bed [next ye sw] North, 6 rows of seed harvested from the fir trees in the Orchard ye rest scotch fir seeds. Planted out ye beginning of this month 454. Fir trees, 203 of which I planted in gâllt ddu in Bodelwyn ye rest in the borders of the fields about Brynddu House, onely 13 I planted in lLanfachell Church gard[en sw] [or possibly 'gard on' sw] ye 21st. of this month (being a Thursday) which day My Superstitious Servant Wm. Davies – believes to be lucky to begin every work of Moment) I begun to sow Barley at the Park in Coydan. Fodder very scarce with [me sw] – Severall of the neighbours (as Richd. Wms. Carrog, Hugh Rowland Hughes of Maes Mawr, Thomas Edwards of Cae Mawr, Anne Jones of Cafnan, Mary Lloyd of Foel [be sw] haveing turned out their Cattle since the Middle of the Month–
31.  Being Sunday Mr. Richard Bulkeley of Dronwy or Tirronwy the parson of lLanfechell preached ye 2d time on Col[e sw] [Colossians sw] 2d. v.6th. as did ye Sunday before on ye same text. Mrs. Mary Lloyd of Rhosbeirio & her Brother Francis were at Llanfechell Church, & she who before used to sitt in my seat with my Daughter– went to day to Caerdegog seat, both very cold in their conversation after service, the reason whereof I can't guess at, without it be yt My Daughter & I never go to visit there, & if so, they shall be cold for ever for me, as long as they correspond with ye people of Tryselwyn
Aprill ist.  A Dark dry Cloudy Day. this day I turned away the Water that went over Cae'r Beudy in Bodelwyn, Such an extraordinary seasonable spring that every thing is forwarder by a Month than usuall for this time of the year. Cowslips in full Bloom 3 weeks ago in the open fields, Fir trees beg[a sw]n [he uses 'begun' elsewhere and it's difficult to see whether this is an 'u' or an 'a' sw] to put our shoots a fortnight ago. the Horse Chesnut & great Maple – now—  


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