April 10th.  The Wind E. blowing high and very cold all day, Delivered Mrs. Gold i7s. 6d. to give the Carrier to pay for Ann - Wright's Stays in Chester, and Pd. Ord the Scotch Pedlar 17s. 6d. for Irish Holland to make her frocks & muslin to make her Aprons. & gave Mrs. Gold 4s. 6d. to purchase 3 Tickets, one for her self & one apiece for Ann & Grace Wright to go to the play : pd. 18d. for meat & drink at my lodging: The Cause that my Mother had against Irish LLoyd for detaining her money which he had received of Carreg for her use, & which was to be tryed this Session, could not be tryed by reason of Ambrose Lewis's blunders.
iith.  The Wind E. in the morning & untill 5 in the Evening, blowing – fresh & cold & generally [there is a line over 'enera', which could just be to cross out an ascender that makes the 'n' look like an 'h' sw] cloudy & dark, came to S.W. about 5, yet continued dry all day, dined at my lodging where I paid for meat & drink 1s. 6d. An Express being Sent to Ld. Bulkeley of Sr. Watkin Wms. Wynne's Lady being brought to bed of a Son- on the 8th. Inst– A Bon[e se]fire was made at the Cross. at which Lord.B.attended by all the Jacobite clan Huzzâd & drank severall healths, & the Bells rung all the Evening & night. This Evening also the Deputy Sherriff took David Wms. the Attorney at the Suit of one LLoyd of the Exchequer Office for a Debt of 146L. 14s. 4d.   50s. & odd money costs- who was sent to Gaol before night·
12th.  The Wind S.E. blowing fresh and cold, cloudy & dark all day– dined at my lodging where I paid for meat & drink 2s.
13th.  The Wind S.S.E. blowing high and cold, all day, Gave among the Priest's three Nephews & 2 Nieces 5s. he haveing been so kind as to visit Ann Wright & her Sister & given them money. To day should have been the above relation about Sr. Watkin & David Wms.: Discharged my– lodging to day when I paid a bill of 10s. for my Servant & horses & gave the barber 1s. 6d. We Set out from Town about ii. and came to — LLysdulas before 3. 
14th.  The Wind S. & moderate with some showers, but generally fair & dry: Staid at LLysdulas this day.
15th.  The Wind S. S. E. calm & generally cloudy all the morning, but dry: the Evening was very rainy and kept me there this day also.
16th.  The Wind S.S.W. blowing fresh, but dry, & generally Sun Shiny & fair; made some rain on the fall of night : This being Sunday I staid at LLysdulas this day also .

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