May 18th.  The Wind N. N. W. calm, warm & fair all day and Sun Shiny from 9 in the morning till its setting: my Servants that fetched Anna Wright & her Sister Grace home, expended 2s. 6d. & 1d. for Garden Seeds, 7s. for aDosen Sugar & paid Catherine Wal[t sw]er that parted from hence to day 26s. being her wages in full.
19th.  The Wind N. very calm, Sun shiny fair& warm all this day –
20th.  The Wind N. very calm, Sun Shiny fair & warm, and even very hot and Sultry about noon and continued so till near night.
2ist.  The Wind N.E. very calm and warm, and yet not so hot as it was yesterday, yet all the day was fair &pleasant, & the night very dewy.
22d.  The Wind N.W. very calm, Sun Shiny, hot & Sultry for the most part of the day, yet some part of it was attended with a rusty mist.
23d.  [there is a mark in the margin below this date that looks like a full moon mark, but is a blot sw] The Wind E. blowing pretty fresh, hot & scorching all day; Paid Rowland ab William Rowland ab Robert alias Maharen bâch 6d. for fish.
24th.  The Wind N. calm, warm, fair and pleasant all day, and about noon it was very hot and Sultry: a pretty great Market to day at LLanfechell. Pd. Owen Thomas the Smith 3s. 3d. for work.
25th.  The Wind N & by E . blowing something fresh in the morning but Sun shiny, warm, fair & pleasant all day; My people were all this week betwixt finishing plowing the Pinfold & harrowing it, attending at the Mill to shell the Oats, and washing the sheep & shearing of them: pd. 5s. 6d. for 8 yards of cloath to make sand bags.
26th.  Whitsunday [this is written in the margin underneath '26th.' sw] The Wind N. calm and moderately warm, but some interruption in the Sun Shine frequently to day: The Priest preached on Luke – Chap: 22d. verse i9th.
27th.  The Wind S.S.W. blowing moderate in the morning, but cloudy & dark - in the Evening it blew fresh & rained from about noon all the rest of the day & a great part of the night: Paid a Carnarvanshire man from abt. Tal y Cafn 2s. 6d. for the use of his Stallion(Which was a large Bay horse) ☞ [this pointing symbol is in the margin opposite this line sw] to my Grey Mare that was covered last May by the Black Stallion of – LLangwillog, and has now a Foal by him which she foal'd about the – Middle of last month.

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